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My Journey With the Sun

I start from the beginning when a ball of fire emerges from the east, passing a row of ancient trees as it climbs towards the heavens. A new dawns arises forming high hopes and outstanding opportunities. I am ready to conquer everything. The sun soars, along with my aspirations, higher and higher; My shadow unseen… Continue reading My Journey With the Sun

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Wheel of Fate

They go on a ferris wheel; spinning round on the same path. Travelling next to each other, facing the same fate, same chances they create, but never together. It ends before it begins; circles and circles they go until it stops without them ever meeting each other at the top. -fin-

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Closed-off, silent, thoughts mysteriously hidden. Opened, interrupted, thoughts suddenly enlightened. Walls cracked, core has been seen, barriers torn down. Scared of a repeat, afraid to commit, it's time to retreat now. -fin- (featured image: skulpt on deviantart)