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The Movement

fear the youth, for we know not to accept any bullshit and deceiving. fear the youth, for we know what we are capable of doing. fear the youth, for we know that it’s time to save our future. fear the youth, for we finally see the bigger picture. fear the youth, for we’ll stand, once… Continue reading The Movement

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I come and go, I ebb and crash; sometimes persistent, sporadically ambivalent, mostly unexpected. Drowning is often, but just to see you once or twice over and over, I come and go, I ebb and crash again; unsure and unclear of where I am in a vast ocean connected to a skyline that would take… Continue reading Vague

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Tonight We Are Victorious – A Saturday Night @ #PrayFortheWickedTourMNL (20-10-18)

PLAN FOR THE WICKED  Upon hearing the news about Panic! at the Disco visiting and performing live in the country once again (after two years #InTheMix2016; thank you so much MMILive, Ms. Rhiza Pascua, and of course, ate Claire as well), I immediately notified my best friend Rochelle (who was in Perth, Australia that time)… Continue reading Tonight We Are Victorious – A Saturday Night @ #PrayFortheWickedTourMNL (20-10-18)

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My Journey With the Sun

I start from the beginning when a ball of fire emerges from the east, passing a row of ancient trees as it climbs towards the heavens. A new dawns arises forming high hopes and outstanding opportunities. I am ready to conquer everything. The sun soars, along with my aspirations, higher and higher; My shadow unseen… Continue reading My Journey With the Sun

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Closed-off, silent, thoughts mysteriously hidden. Opened, interrupted, thoughts suddenly enlightened. Walls cracked, core has been seen, barriers torn down. Scared of a repeat, afraid to commit, it's time to retreat now. -fin- (featured image: skulpt on deviantart)