Hi! The name’s DJ. *cue in awkward face*

“Real life is TRAGIC, but it’s perfectly WORTH IT.”

That aforementioned quote is this blog domain’s inspiration. As for the blog name, I hope you get the pessimistic nature of it, as well.

Since I am a teenager who reads and writes as much as I eat (if not more), I created this blog. Writing, for me, is not an escape from reality. On the one hand, it is a way of using my left hand, a pencil and paper to voice out opinions and beliefs that reality can’t accept.

Most of my fiction works are published in this site. However, I wish to create a new one focusing on lifestyle and other stuff of the like. Rest assured, this page will still be here because after all, this blog is my journal, a not-so-personal one, it is.

If you want to know more (as in, more), check these out: 101 Things about Me and Couplets About Me.

[FRENCH PORTFOLIO] Because of my love for languages and my weird motivations in learning them (well, I studied Spanish because I hate watching ‘los partidos de fútbol’ without understanding the commentators), I want to keep track of how I’m learning French. So if you want to witness my struggles (because I don’t really know if I’m improving haha), you may check out my other blog: Bonjournal.

If you need anything, someone to talk to, or even just a listener, I’m always on the usual spot of my bunk bed. Kidding! Holler me at these social media sites.

twitter (personal account)

twitter (fangirl account)





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