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My Dad in Metaphors

Note: It’s the time of the year again when I make a predictable piece of prose with words that rhyme (it’s poetry haha) for the best dad for me. Since this year, I really acquired this love of metaphors, I chose to write a poem with lots of it. Happy Fathers’ day to all the fathers out there!

 You are the pun to a Disney character;

You are the direction of my GPS.

You are sun after the stormy weather;

You are the east to my west.


You are the toppings of my pizza;

You are the signal of my phone.

You are the engine in a car;

You are the key to my home.


You are the Oreo to my milkshake;

The ketchup to my fries.

You are the CPU to a computer;

The happiness to my cries.


You are the spring to the autumn;

The summer to the winter.

You are the missing piece in my puzzle.

The best father to your daughter.


This metaphorical poem I have for you dad,

Might not be the best gift in town.

But I assure you, it’s made with love,

And I hope it is the smile to your frown.


I hope you enjoyed this poem;

Happy Fathers’ Day to the greatest dad.

From your one and only Debijonne,

The best daughter you’ve ever had.




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