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Indomitable Dystopia

During the 20th century, I am pretty sure these were the things scientists imagine for the new millennium: flying cars, hologram phones, mind-controlled robots, teleportation device, and a world which resembles that of Today Land in Meet the Robinsons. I know you can google the aforementioned movie to know. What people thought during those decades was not impossible, I could assure because human minds have triggered the rapid advancement of Science and Technology. The eagerness and necessity expounded the inventions as the years had gone by.

Yes the upper statements are true. However, those just represent the one side of the coin.

It is not unnoticeable that every situation has its share of pro’s and con’s. Life is not fair after all.

A decade and a half in the new millennium has proved Science and Technology developed all throughout the years, is developing by the years and still continues to develop as the years go by. Too much develop and years in a sentence. Well, it still could be attested as the fact that innovation increases whilst Earth ages still remains. We are nowhere near the apex yet.

But with all these, another fact which cannot be denied is that mankind never seem to be in content. Adept humans continue to search and discover ways and tools which can make everyday life easier and more convenient. This search goes on and on until we forgot we affect Mother Nature. Always remember having too much and expecting more is a drug. It is addicting but not good for the health. Not to forget that it slowly obliterates oneself and eventually leads to cessation.

15 years into the 21st century and forested areas of the Earth have lessened by 90%, 40% species are in danger of becoming extinct, 70% of the Earth’s waters have been trashed, an average of 2o increase in the temperature has been acquired. The list could just go on and on I might need to write a separate essay for that.

With the sudden boom of humanity’s A-class inventions and discoveries comes the sudden pull towards the planet’s destruction.

What must have happened to be a Meet the Robinsons-themed is only a few steps to becoming a world of Wall-E. Please bear with me for these Walt Disney films just seem to be great examples.

It is so sad that what the human race imagined to be a utopia kind of future has been turned completely upside down; a complete 180o rotation away from the ever-so-dreamy tomorrow.

It does not need to have the ambiance of The Hunger Games to say humans will eventually raze each other for survival. Because now mankind is slowly walking towards the same path as a result of greed for a more convenient life. And what is more dreadful than the previous statement? Whatever way, there’d be no survival.

We did not just forget to protect the Earth we live in, we destroyed it too. Thus, as we continue to destroy the planet, we drag ourselves to our own horrid extinction.

The 21st century leads to a dystopian setting that may fascinate us and catch our attention now through the books we read and the films we watch; but beware it is nowhere as exciting to experience in real life.

Sure, this is what we have to deal with in the real world. And if we don’t do anything NOW to change this fate, this dystopia mankind drags itself into would certainly be indomitable.


(featured image courtesy of 9gag)


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