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101 Things about Me

I just read ‘101 Things about Me’ by a co-blogger who I learned was also an alumni of the university I’m currently studying at. This inspired to make one of my own. It was also said there that readers will be more engaged since I connect at a personal level. So here is my own personal version of 101 Things about Me. 🙂

101. Please bear with my interests that I would share in this entry. I know I have lots of non-connecting hobbies/likes which make it hard for me to choose a career/path to take.

100. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut since 1st grade. But then I attended a geology-marine camp in junior year and I decided, why not start with the Earth? So my actual plan is to take B.S. Geology in college.

99. I cried when I passed the UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test). Tears started flowing because U.P. has been my dream school ever since, and I was under the ‘pending case’ which, by then, I knew that I couldn’t take my first choice in course.

My UPCAT Admission Slip. (photo courtesy: me)
My UPCAT Admission Slip. (photo courtesy: me)

98. That is how I ended up as a freshman B.A. Comparative Literature student major in European Literature ( and yes, I am just 16).

97. I plan to shift to B.S. Geology next year but we’ll see about that at the end of the academic year.

96. I love to read. I am a bibliophile at heart. From classics to YA’s, from autobiographies to blogs, you name it.

95. Dystopia is my favourite category, but a heart-breaking tragedy wins my heart too.

94. Personally, John Green is a very cool author for me. But I thank J.K. Rowling for creating the first ever series I finished. #Potterhead

93. Writing has been my hobby since I was in the 5th grade. It started when my science teacher made me join this Science Editorial contest and I’ve won 4th place in the province. That was my first award in writing.

92. From then on, writing became a part of me, too. I became Editor-in-Chief of our English school paper “Mahalta” when I was an elementary student.

91. I graduated elementary class of 2010-2011 as a Valedictorian. Thanks God.

90. In high school, I also became an Editor-in-Chief of our Filipino school paper “Ang Batis” for two years (junior year and senior year).

89. Senior year was the first publication of our English school paper “The Stream”. I was glad I was able to manage being EIC of both Eng. and Fil. papers.

88. I’ve done each category of the newspaper (news, editorial, sports, feature, sci-tech, literary) except Editorial Cartooning. I couldn’t draw to save my life.

87. Aside from that, I am also an officer of the Supreme Student Government for three years.

86. I became Science Club president during sophomore year. Thank you for those who trusted me at that young age.

85. I am also a mathlete since freshman. My team and I join math quiz bees in the province. We managed to bag one in top 10 spots every year. Geometry is my personal favourite.

84. I also join Impromptu speech contests in English (I won 1st place in senior year) and I don’t know how I managed to do that since I am socially awkward in person.

83. During High school, I was able to enhance time management the most.

Selfie during Graduation Day 2015 (photo courtesy: me)
Selfie during Graduation Day 2015 (photo courtesy: me)

82. I managed to graduate as a Valedictorian of our class 2014-2015. Thank God again.

81. I started blogging originally in 2012. I have a lot of drafts by then that I have just published this 2015.

80. Aside from nerdy self, I believe I’m a born punk/rocker.

79. I support more than a hundred punk/rock bands from 60’s up to the present and I’ll name a few: Nirvana, The Beatles, Paramore, Boys Like Girls, The Script, Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, A Rocket to the Moon, The Click Five, Pierce the Veil, All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens.

78. For some strange reason, I also became a fan of the English-Irish boyband One Direction and Australian pop/punk band 5 Seconds of Summer.

77. (Prior to #78) I became so dedicated to them I actually attend fan parties and concert and I learned how to balance my time fangirling and academics.

100+ bands I love. (photo courtesy: me)
100+ bands I love. (photo courtesy: me)

76. Because of fan parties, I also met new people and I got out of my introvert bubble.

75. I can be an extrovert if I’m in the mood but I prefer to be alone at times.

74. Being alone is like a necessity wherein the only companion I need are my headphones and a book in hand. Sometimes my journal, too (with a pen, of course).

73. I am an only child. Until, recently, my dad remarried (?) and they have a new son. So I have a half-brother. But still, I am the only child of my parents.

72. I’ve never had time for a relationship in high school. Yes, yours truly is NBSB (No Boyfriend Since Birth).

71. I am too busy to engage in a relationship. Sure, there are suitors ‘qualified’ for my liking but I hate commitments.

70. My parent’s fate (maybe) was the reason why I am afraid to be in love. Deep.

69. All the love stories I write end up tragically.

my true love haha (photo courtesy: twitter.com)
my true love haha (photo courtesy: twitter.com)

68. I am the most random person you’ll meet.

67. I am a foodie.

66. Pizza is my favourite food. But in Filipino dishes, I like sinigang.

65. Multitasking is my middle name. I could do 3 or 4 tasks at one time.

64. (Prior to #65) Some people say my middle name is sarcasm. Yes, I tend to be sarcastic.

63. Despite my sarcastic retorts, metaphor is my favourite figure-of-speech. I have a poem of that.

62. For this year’s Fathers’ Day, I also made a poem of metaphors for my Dad. Yes, Daddy’s girl.

61. I also like alliterations. They are fun to read.

60. I am active on social media. I have twitter accounts: personal and fangirl, facebook, instagram, and ask.fm.

59. I tend to be snobby, but it’s because I’m shy and I don’t talk first in a conversation. Once you get to know me, I am a great listener. And I don’t bite, too. Hahaha

58. I won’t judge you for your rants.

57. What I dislike: judgmental people, Justin Bieber (my opinion only), naggers, sexual innuendos, and mayonnaise.

56. I may appear vain through this blog entry but this is actually my first time to share these facts online.

55. By appearance/looks, I am not vain, at all.

54. I could go out without looking at the vanity mirror.

53. I don’t use make up and any other face powder known to mankind.

52. My style is quite goth/emo (minus the makeup): black ripped jeans, band shirt/graphic tee, flannel shirt tied around the waist and the usual Chuck Taylors #converseftw.

usual #OOTD (photo courtesy: my FB account)
usual #OOTD (photo courtesy: my FB account)

51. Someday, I want to travel the world.

50. I have this knack of memorizing the capitals of all countries which was not required for us, then, but helped me in some ways.

49. I wonder what air English authors breathe in for them to write such wonderful masterpieces.

48. I am pessimistic and anxious when it comes to everything. I couldn’t help it.

47. I dream to publish a book before I turn 20. Why that age? I have no idea, either.

46. I used to be tall for my age, but then I stopped growing. I see myself now as a smol bean.

45. However, as a Filipina, others think 5’5” (my height) is taller than the average height for a girl.

44. I couldn’t care less about my weight. Fortunately, even I eat a lot, I have a fast metabolism. I don’t need a diet plan.

43. I call everyone ‘dude’ or ‘bro’ so if you’re a girl and I called you that, please don’t be offended.

42. My Faith in God is best explained in these bible verses Matthew 6:5-6.

41. I love walking (or I just don’t really trust my sense of directions when I’m in a public vehicle).

40. My favourite song of all time is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Viva La Vida by Coldplay.

39. Blue, Black, and Gray are my favourite colours.

38. I can obtain ‘crush’ or with -es but they are mostly English or Australian actors or band members (or Spanish and Latin American football athletes).

37. I have some ‘crushes’ that I know in person but I don’t take it seriously.

36. Cool kids don’t dance. And I’m a cool kid. Haha jk.

35. My shower has the privilege to hear my singing (or non-singing) abilities.

34. I love a good pun. They’re pun-ny. Hahaha

mini me: rubik's cube edition (photo courtesy: my IG account)
mini me: rubik’s cube edition (photo courtesy: my IG account)

33. I don’t believe in love at first sight; because it is merely an infatuation or physical attraction.

32. One of my pastime hobby/tension breaker is playing the rubik’s cube. I always bring a 3X3 wherever I go.

31. Because of my love for The Amazing Spider-man, I ship Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone hardcore.

30. I cried during the last Phineas and Ferb episode. Eight years just doesn’t seem to be enough.

29. I play some sports (e.g. volleyball, football, bowling). Football as in soccer, by the way.

Intamurals 2014 Volleyball uniform. (phot courtesy: me)
Intamurals 2014 Volleyball uniform. (phot courtesy: me)

28. I watch sports re-run like I haven’t watched it before. My favourite basketball team is Oklahoma City Thunder and my favourite football club is Real Madrid C.F. I recently started following the tennis scene, as well. I go for Andy Murray.

27. One of my worst flaws is the inability to memorize other people’s names at once. It makes me seem ignorant albeit non-intentional.

26. I believe in the existence of a parallel universe.

25. I’ve always wanted to have a pet puppy but I was never allowed to have one.

24. I would rather have a view of my future than change my past.

23. I like spontaneous moments. I like living on edge.

22. Skydiving is in my #bucketlist. I’ll be able to do that. Soon.

#newhair #dontcare (photo courtesy: my IG account)
#newhair #dontcare (photo courtesy: my IG account)

21. I’ve always wanted to dye my hair ever since but it wasn’t allowed in high school. However, I just achieved it this vacation (perks of university).

20. My belief in Science fiction has got nothing to do with my religion. I am a proud Roman Catholic. Period.

19. If I’m going to die, I want it instantaneously. I don’t want the people around me to suffer for long.

18. I learned Filipino/Tagalog language when I was six. Better late than never.

17. I want to learn at least five languages in my life. I already know three.

16. I have this weird phobia of dolls (pediophobia) and slight on clowns (coulrophobia).

15. Sometimes, in the elevator, I tend to be claustrophobic, too.

14. When I was 10, I ran away (like my life depends on it) when the mascot of Ronald McDonald greeted me.

13. Christmas is my favourite holiday.

12. I don’t cuss/curse/swear a lot; just when circumstances call for it. And I don’t judge people who do.

11. I am left-handed. Only 13 in 100 people are. (1) Barack Obama, (2) Prince William of England, (3) Niall Horan, (4) Kurt Cobain, (5) Gordon Ramsay, (6) Leonardo Da Vinci, (7) Russell Westbrook, (8) Hugh Jackman, (9) Oprah Winfrey, (10) Lewis Carroll, (11) Lebron James, (12) Julia Roberts, and I’m the 13th. Haha

10. Stereotypical fact about me as a teenager: I hate studying.

9. Another stereotypical fact: I like to sleep as much as the next teen does.

8. I am a nyctophile (not an insomniac). My mind is 10X more active at night. Hence, why I can’t sleep.

7. I was born on Earth a day after the New Year in 1999.

6. I am very family-oriented. My cousins are like my brothers/sisters and my aunts and uncles treat me like I’m their own daughter.

5. I grew up living with my grandmother.

4. My first pen name was Dauntless Damsel but then I change it to Pessimistic Bibliophile around 2014-2015.

3. Dauntless Damsel became my pen name again because it’s an alliteration (refer to #61). Since my name starts with letter D, why not the pen name as well?

This is a calligaphy of my name. It is pronounced as 'de-bə-‹j‹‹‹‹ōn. (photo courtesy: me)
This is a calligaphy of my name. It is pronounced as ‘de-bi-jōn. (photo courtesy: me)

2. You can call me DJ.

1. I am a daughter of God and my real name is Debijonne. Yes, it’s unique. I get that a lot.

If you have reached this part and is still alive, kudos to you! Thank you so much for taking time and interest reading random facts about me that I just decided to share at this day.

If you also have a blog entry like this, don’t hesitate to share it with me. I’ll read it as well. Let us get to know each other! 🙂 x


3 thoughts on “101 Things about Me

  1. Oh my gosh! 😲 I just read your ‘101 Things about Me’,After reading your comment in my “Bio of a..” And yeah WE do have a lot,like REALLY a LOT in common! like 50-70 %!
    ASIDE FROM THESE: ” we’re both left-handed, a potterhead, avid fan of dystopian books, socially awkward. we both love no. 11, love to watch sports” . And I totally agree with you,we’re sister! you are my long-lost sister,hahaha.

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