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i am scared— terrified right at the beginning; always assuming that all things will have an end.   i am scared— wary of things i have no control of; always waiting for the inevitable pain that comes with joy.   i am scared— afraid that i’m not worthy; that what i can give will never… Continue reading Philophobia

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I scrolled down, his team had won the championships; the comments section— filled with cheers and congratulatory. I smiled, proud of what he has achieved.   I scrolled down, his legion of fans fawned over him; the feed— filled with not-so-subtle hints of flirting. I grimaced, repulsed of what they were doing.   I scrolled… Continue reading Stalker

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Never the Same (World Suicide Prevention Day)

Your parents would pass by your room, and everything would come back in a snap. How they found your lifeless body, ran to you and shook you non-stop just to find out they were minutes late. Your siblings didn't just lose their wrestling opponent, but one of their idols. That one person they always look… Continue reading Never the Same (World Suicide Prevention Day)