Short Stories

This page is a compilation of the following fictional short stories/feature stories/one shots which I wrote since year 2012.

In chronological order of when I posted it:

Before I Leave (2, 198 words)

The Sixth and Last (1, 036 words)

The Return (1, 210 words)

Pitter-Patter of Memories (631 words)

If Only You Knew (3, 718 words)

Took Away (2, 724 words)

Nothing but a Four-Letter Word (2, 426 words)

Just a Dream (Part One) (3, 511 words)

Just a Dream (Part Two) (3, 198 words)

Intoxicated (2, 453 words)

Love at Failed Sight (2, 676 words)

When Worlds Collide (2, 653 words)

Never Gonna Understand (1, 642 words)

Flood of Aide-Memoire (418 words)

A Letter to the Secret Crush (780 words)

Glowing (253 words)

Caraphernelia (327 words)

Jasmine (An Adaptation) (2, 033 words)

Are You Happy Now? (341 words)

Blue (309 words)

Guilty (453 words)


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