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Memory Lane

You’re in my thoughts again, I see,

Maybe it was really meant to be.

It’s hard to see you once again

Although I really can’t remember when.

I just know—

It was a long way down since we’ve seen each other;

And sad to say it wasn’t a pleasant encounter.

Because you keep on forcing me with things I don’t want to see.

With people I no longer trust, and places where I never wanted to be.

How would you expect us to last when you always bring me to the past? 

And expect me to move on from the people and places I’m trying to forget? 

How can I forget when all you make me do is reminisce? 

Yes, moving on is not forgetting you said;

But people cope differently, get it through your head. 

Again and again, we bicker whenever we see each other. 

And because I don’t want to linger, I won’t make this any longer. 

We won’t go any further even though I still can.

So I hope you understand that I can’t risk taking a trip again.

My memory lane, leave me be; 

‘Cause all you do is give me pain and melancholy.

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