My mind wanders, leading me to a place where I feel completely wide awake with the eyes closed. These places where we go are supposed to be called ‘dreams’; a land of my great escape. But in my unconscious state, I become the most vulnerable as my mind takes me to a place called ‘nightmares’; they contain my worst miseries and fears.


So from then on, I control my mind. Never let it bring me to places again. When was the last time have I ever dreamt? I don’t know for I stopped going there. The dark is terrifying, but I teach my mind to get used to it. The night is mysterious, but wide awake, I can conquer it.


I am not afraid of the night. I am afraid of the demons that may haunt me once I close my eyes.



(featured image courtesy: Literary Yard)


At first glance, breathing—

It was the last thing on my mind.

His eyes make diamonds envious

As they sparkle brighter,

Leaving a trail of girls after.

And his lips, once words flow,

There’s nothing, I know,

That I want to hear more.

Blessed in the gene department,

Everyone can see.

Just standing in the room

Makes girls weak on the knees.

Pathetic—now that is me.

I don’t even deny that

I am lost in my own reverie.

Because if to be noticed by him

Was a competition through lottery,

Count me in; I bet my all.

The psychotic girl stands tall.

Despite knowing that I have only

Chances that are one

In who-knows-how-many;

I won’t even deny,

I still hope on you, probability.     


(featured image courtesy: MTV)