When the body begins
To be swallowed by the dark abyss;

And the mind ends up

Being conquered by the beasts

Of the past which claw

Their way to the heart 

That strikes like a dart.

It starts 

To bleed like flowing tears.

Similar to what my eyes fear

They couldn’t stop.

Don’t blame me when

The odds made me give up.

(For I am tired.)



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no one realises

how powerful it is

until he or she



or loses it.


it can either

make or break you,

that’s what love does.


or shatter

one’s own heart.


but there are

indeed times like this,

where love could turn



a writer.


there are others,

many others out there:

they tend to turn 





there are others,

many others like me:

they tend to turn






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I used to think you were the ying to my yang.

We were the Jekyll and Hyde; Tweedledee, Tweedledum.

But where were you? When I was on the brink, at the worst—

I was at the rock bottom down on my knees

saying, ‘please, please somebody out there be a dear, be a friend.’

I lent my shoulder for you to cry on, my hanky is for your tears.

When you need somebody to listen to you, we both know I’m all ears.

I would totally cross the ocean for you; but you couldn’t even jump a puddle for me.

As it is my time for a friend, I couldn’t help but think. 

I know that friendship should be unconditional—

but damn, it is so hard to just give and give until my all is none.

My all is given, my all has been taken for granted, my all is gone.

Call me selfish, call me a hypocrite.

But I’m out of here; I’m so done.


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‘i’m fine’

truth is that it’s

all in my mind.


but this internal battle

with myself is

killing me inside.


‘save me’

from the depths

of my toxic thoughts;


because now

i know this is what

dying feels like.




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