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Glowing (Poem Version)

That was how I felt when I’m beside you.

You are the one who gives me light. 

You are the cause of this 

spark radiating off me. 



That was me whenever we’re together. 

The late-night sneaking off, 

the movie marathons, 

the ice cream dates downtown. 



That was me whenever we 

argue over the pettiest things.

You somehow bring out both

the best and worst in me.



That was me when I knew it was worth it.

At the end of the day, 

our differences make us 

closer to each other.



That was me until time 

came that you need to go. 

Distance—the reason why 

you could do it no more.



That was me before

you decided to let go;

before you said we need 

to move on with our separate lives. 



That was me when 

I followed you. 

Distance—an actual hindrance;

So I lessened it.



That was me before 

I saw you with that certain someone.

Miles away from what you used to call home, 

you’re kissing. I knew I was the past. 



That was me until 

that unforgettable day;

Suddenly, the lights in me

decided to fade away.



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P.S. I’ve also written a prose about this not so long ago. If you want to read it, check this out.


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