Non-Fiction · Opinion · Poetry

Our Dying Country

The generation is dying,

Everything’s falling apart.

A millennium one will shake his head at.

Close-mindedness, this age creates?

Naïvety or masked stupidity at its finest?


Whatever begets, comes and passes

like nothing happened at all.

After all, no one cares if he’s not

affected by that passing tornado, 




Self-centered citizens,

Is this what you’ll pay our ancestors

who shed their blood and soul for this country?

Have you no shame at all?


Is this what you’ll pay our country

that is so precious and fragile

due to the enemies that dared cause its harm?

Hmmm, probably.

No, definitely.


After all, who is the real enemy?

The one we vie for to lead?

The one we foist into the responsible ones

who you dare corrupt?


No. OURSELVES is the real enemy.

We have a choice but we go for the wrong.

A decision I have yet to understand

But never ever will comprehend.


Is this the price democracy will cost?

No wonder Plato doesn’t agree

with this government form as it continues

to arise a conflict between fellow countrymen.


But that’s how it works, I guess.

People against his own people.

A lost cause indeed,

A battle for our DYING COUNTRY

against ourselves we will never win.


All I can say is that now 

May God bless us in all that we’re doing

from the past, what is passing,

and what is yet to come.



(photo courtesy: Paper Boat London)


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