it has happened,

i experienced it.

maybe now, i can’t 

accept it yet.

i know the pain will subside;

tomorrow, next week,

next month, next year.

i don’t know when,

but i know it will.

the reason i tell it to you,

i trust you with all my heart.

but please just listen;

just lend your ears.

but please don’t give me advice;

nothing will make me

feel different.

but please understand me,

because this is how i cope.

but please refrain from saying

‘i’m sorry,’ because

it’s not your fault.

but please don’t tell me

‘it’s going to

be okay,’


it won’t.



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The Feeling When Reading (8 words in 8 lines collection)

In the battles of tragedy, love, and hope.

I felt the happiness, misery, anger and fear.


I shared with them, I cherished each moment.

I lived their life, I don’t wanna leave.


If I could just stay and forget reality,

I would gladly do it in a heartbeat.


The feeling of never wanting it to end,

Will always be the issue from the beginning.



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Glowing (Poem Version)

That was how I felt when I’m beside you.

You are the one who gives me light. 

You are the cause of this 

spark radiating off me. 



That was me whenever we’re together. 

The late-night sneaking off, 

the movie marathons, 

the ice cream dates downtown. 



That was me whenever we 

argue over the pettiest things.

You somehow bring out both

the best and worst in me.



That was me when I knew it was worth it.

At the end of the day, 

our differences make us 

closer to each other.



That was me until time 

came that you need to go. 

Distance—the reason why 

you could do it no more.



That was me before

you decided to let go;

before you said we need 

to move on with our separate lives. 



That was me when 

I followed you. 

Distance—an actual hindrance;

So I lessened it.



That was me before 

I saw you with that certain someone.

Miles away from what you used to call home, 

you’re kissing. I knew I was the past. 



That was me until 

that unforgettable day;

Suddenly, the lights in me

decided to fade away.



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P.S. I’ve also written a prose about this not so long ago. If you want to read it, check this out.

Caraphernelia (Poem Version)

Caraphernelia \ka-rə-fə(r)-‘nēl-yə\ noun : a broken-heart disease that occurs whenever someone leaves you, but leaves all of their belongings behind            

Beside what used to be your pillow, I wake.

Melancholy as I get out of bed.

Brushing teeth by the sink

With a jolt of sadness and dread;

your toothbrush on the brink.


Eating the pain for breakfast.

Then wishing the shower can

wash away the misery.

I look at the mirror hoping that again,

I could meet your lips so dreamy.


But seeing that photo near the corner

reminds me why I must not bother.


Driving to work with the thought of you

sitting on the passenger seat.

I put my phone on top of my table.

Longing for your voice so sweet,

Waiting for your message so playful.


Can you blame me if I can’t forget you?

Everything still lingers.

Everything reminds me.

I feel like I hold my heart in my fingers,

Shattered to the highest degree.


I even take the long way home

to forget the state of being alone.


So please come back;

Not for a brand new start.

But to keep our memories at bay;

to keep the pain, the pieces of my heart.

It used to beat for you, anyway.




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Written with the inspiration of the word itself, but there is also a Pierce the Veil song of the same title. If you want to listen to it, check this out.


P.S. This work also has a prose version I wrote not so long ago. If you want, you can check it out. 

Our Dying Country

The generation is dying,

Everything’s falling apart.

A millennium one will shake his head at.

Close-mindedness, this age creates?

Naïvety or masked stupidity at its finest?


Whatever begets, comes and passes

like nothing happened at all.

After all, no one cares if he’s not

affected by that passing tornado, 




Self-centered citizens,

Is this what you’ll pay our ancestors

who shed their blood and soul for this country?

Have you no shame at all?


Is this what you’ll pay our country

that is so precious and fragile

due to the enemies that dared cause its harm?

Hmmm, probably.

No, definitely.


After all, who is the real enemy?

The one we vie for to lead?

The one we foist into the responsible ones

who you dare corrupt?


No. OURSELVES is the real enemy.

We have a choice but we go for the wrong.

A decision I have yet to understand

But never ever will comprehend.


Is this the price democracy will cost?

No wonder Plato doesn’t agree

with this government form as it continues

to arise a conflict between fellow countrymen.


But that’s how it works, I guess.

People against his own people.

A lost cause indeed,

A battle for our DYING COUNTRY

against ourselves we will never win.


All I can say is that now 

May God bless us in all that we’re doing

from the past, what is passing,

and what is yet to come.



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thoughts that this mind creates

At night where these thoughts

Just doesn’t seem to stop.



vibe that this mind brings

At night where the melancholy

appears from out of nowhere.



experiences that this mind relives

At night where secrets

Are out in the open.



Deafening silence that this mind hears

At night where your own heartbeat

seems to be the only sound.



thinking that this mind undergoes

At night where these memories

Are suddenly brought up.



body that this mind controls

At night where the eyes

should be closed.



words that this mind forms

At night where drunken sentences

Are actually sober thoughts.



state that this mind goes through

At night where darkness and 

silence slowly kills your soul.



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