My Concept of Life as a Comparative Literature Major 

Note: This entry was originally written on 19th January, 2016 for my BIO 1 class.


As we talk about existence through prose,

We may speak of life through poetry.

Or through a critical review of a thousand words,

A research paper and critique mostly.


We immortalise life with words we write,

Composed of thoughts we fail to speak.

As we face this rollercoaster ride called life,

Writing about it seems on fleek.


Life is a figure of speech;

One part irony and two parts metaphor.

An upside down when things go okay;

Everything, an interrelated force.


To make God’s gift worth living,

Make our everyday life flow with rhythm.

Maybe add a dash of sarcasm to spice it up.

Perhaps, this will be a successful mechanism.



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Unreciprocated (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Maybe I’m too busy hoping to be yours,

To be able to look for somebody new.


Or I am just dumb any other way,

To actually wait to be noticed by you.


But don’t you worry, my dear and precious,

I won’t let things get out of hand.


The time I harboured these feelings for you,

You don’t and won’t ever reciprocate, I understand. 



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Grief (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Note: I dedicate this entry to my cousin, John Lester. I miss you wherever you are. May you rest in peace.

It kept holding on me since that night;

I wish I could bring back a life.

I have learned that emotional aches hurt more

Than me being physically stabbed with a knife.

I’m not sure if I’ll survive these days;

For the feeling of  grief will always remain.

But soon I am sure I’ll be okay

Because I know ‘acceptance’ will ease the pain.


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