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When I met you at the park, it was the colour of the sky. As we watched the lovely swans, it was the colour of the pond.       It was also the colour of the berries we liked to eat at picnics. We gazed from the beach at our dates and it was… Continue reading Blue

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Infatuation (8 words in 8 lines collection)

As I look at him, I suddenly knew He was so close but so far away. The moths in my stomach I felt through Stealing a glance at him day by day. These scary, yet surreal and very humanly delusions Are feeding up my pathetic, overly-hoping illusions. Can someone even save me from the depths… Continue reading Infatuation (8 words in 8 lines collection)

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Don’t Write Fairytales; Live One

ROMANCE NOVELS ARE the epitome of picture-perfect life anyone could have asked for. They portray a life where boy meets girl, good girl meets bad boy, cheery meets enigma, pauper meets prince, peasant meets billionaire, and insert here whatever couple you like. Just like every other unique story, romance novelists point out the irony about typical books… Continue reading Don’t Write Fairytales; Live One