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Over and Over and Over Again

One of the coolest abilities that a bibliophile could have is neither the extra speed in finishing a book or two or even the whole series of it in one sitting; nor the most vivid imagination of being one of the characters. Although the latter would be so much cool, both aforementioned notions could not top my idea. As a bibliophile, one ability I’ve always wanted to have is being able to erase the memory of a certain book I’ve read in my mind so that when I read it again, the excitement and thrill of a new good read will always be the same. I know, the adventure and awesomeness of a favourite book will always be there but the first time one has read it will always be the greatest experience. Isn’t it cool? to be able to read a book (or books) over and over and over again but it will always feel like the first time? Could you think of different abilities that would be cool for a bibliophile? Drop it down in the comments below.



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