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Wanders and Writes (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Note: I wrote this entry in the midst of a class whilst the teacher was discussing something. The class wasn’t that boring (maybe it was, but not to the point where I’d fall asleep and not concentrate EVER). However, there is really a time when no matter how much you try to focus, your mind is just really somewhere else. I am not encouraging people to do the same thing when motivated (okay, maybe just once or twice because ideas struck in the most unexpected times, grab it). Do not make a habit out of it. Always learn to listen and focus. (Longest Note, sorry) x

Listening intently to what is being said;

But not being able to decipher a thing.

Those gazing eyes are far, far elsewhere although

Trying hard to look directly at who’s speaking.
Physically present inside the four corners of classroom,

Actually wants to learn more about the lesson.

But the mind is wandering in a mysterious place,

Decides to write a poem for some strange reason.


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