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I Should Have… (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Note: Yesterday, I was on my way home earlier than usual due to free cut in my Math class. I was in an Ikot Jeep and beside me was a frail, old woman who was carrying set of bags which was heavy for her to carry. I learned she was going to the Alumni Center in our university. If I had the courage to help her, I would still have gotten back home on time. I don’t why I didn’t, though. And until now, I’m still thinking about it. I dedicate this blog entry to her. And to you, if there’s any chance you can help (even in the littlest ways), please do.

Riding in the jeepney on my way home.

It was one afternoon and I was alone.

Going down was an old lady so frail,

So weak. Wanted to help but I froze
In my seat. She carried luggages so heavy

For her. I’ve got nothing else to do;

But I wasted an opportunity to do good

To others that time. And I feel bad.


(featured image courtesy of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Personalised Emotion Maker. Create yours at



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