Ironic… (8 words in 8 lines collection)

So simple yet complicated. To know is tiring

Yet we are intrigued. What a confusing thing!

To innovate’s to destroy at the same way;

To develop is to hurt day by day.

Bad is on top, good is grounds below.

To understand, there are ironies one must know.

We write for peace yet tend to blame.

The world today will always be the same.


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Mortem (8 words in 8 lines collection)

I may not be the end; I may

As well could be the beginning of eternity.

Or deep slumber of darkness with no awakening,

Or a new, temporary life in another world

With either pure joy, neutrality, heartache or misery.

An abyss of endless succession that may sound

Beautiful and covetable when glamourised. But I, death,

Comes within time, not to be forced upon.


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Vulnerable (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Those smiles that do not reach the eyes,

Laughter which seems ironically lonely and forced.

No one could notice this because of her

Seemingly genuine façade of radiating glow and ambience.

No one knows she cries herself to sleep;

No one knows her masking of true emotions.

And again, no one had seem to perceive

That vulnerable is the strong girl deep inside.


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Pagkamakabayang Walang Katulad (Filipino)

Note: Aking sinubukang gumawa ng isang tula upang maipahiwatig ang aking masasabi sa pinanood kong dokumentaryo/palabas na pinamagatang Heneral Luna. Hindi ako likas na nagpapakita ng partriotismo hanggang mapanood ko ang isang palabas na ito. Panoorin nyo po kung hindi nyo pa nasisilayan, wala kayong pagsisisihan.

Paboritong Linya: “Mas magandang mamatay sa digmaan kaysa magpasakop sa dayuhan.”

Hindi ako kailanman wagas na nakaramdam

Ng ganitong pag-aalab nang dahil sa

Nangyayari sa lipunan.

Kailanman ay hindi ko nagawang makailam

Sa mga isyu na nakikita at naririnig sa

Pali-paligid at kapaligiran.

Ngunit kani-kanina lamang nang

Aking sinubukang panuurin ang

Isang obra tungkol sa bayani,

Labis akong nakadama ng kagula-gulantang

Na pagkamakabayan na lubusang

Ipahihiwatig at ipagmamalaki.

Sapagkat ngayon lamang sa aking malay

nagkaroon ng halo-halong emosyon

Para sa Inang Bayan.

Saludo ako kay Heneral Antonio Luna na hindi nasayang ang buhay

Sa pagpapamalas ng lakas, tapang at prinsipyo sa rebolusyon

Upang mapalaya ang Perlas ng Silangan.




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Caraphernelia \ka-rə-fə(r)-‘nēl-yə\ noun : a broken-heart disease that occurs whenever someone leaves you, but leaves all of their belongings behind

WAKING UP WITH the sudden nostalgic feeling next to what used to be your pillow. Going out of bed with the melancholic vibe. Brushing teeth with a jolt of sadness seeing there’s an extra toothbrush left by the sink. Eating the pain for breakfast. Taking a shower wishing the misery would be washed away. But seeing the vanilla-scented body wash brings back the fresh smell of your skin whenever I bury my nose in your neck. Looking at the mirror hoping these lips would form a smile someday, hoping these lips would meet yours again; but seeing that photo near the corner reminds me why I can’t. Driving to work thinking of you sitting at the passenger seat and I just want to run away from everything. Doing the job with the constant reminder of how it looked like the way it was before. A photo of us on top of my desk. Sitting at the cafeteria at lunch thinking of the phone calls and text messages sent and received. Taking the long way home just to forget the state of being alone. Lying on the bed as if you’re here next to me. This is my usual routine since the day you left. I’m getting used to it, in fact. I have long accepted that you chose not to be with me. However, can you blame me when the thought of you still continues to linger in my mind? Can you blame me if I can’t forget about you? My heart is shattered and I don’t bother to pick up the pieces anymore for I can’t afford the medicine. But please come back. No, not to fix my heart. Come back and bring with you our memories, the moments we shared, the pain, and the pieces of my heart. It continues to beat for you, anyway.


Written with the inspiration of the word itself, but there is also a Pierce the Veil song of the same title. If you want to listen to it, check this out.

Wanders and Writes (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Note: I wrote this entry in the midst of a class whilst the teacher was discussing something. The class wasn’t that boring (maybe it was, but not to the point where I’d fall asleep and not concentrate EVER). However, there is really a time when no matter how much you try to focus, your mind is just really somewhere else. I am not encouraging people to do the same thing when motivated (okay, maybe just once or twice because ideas struck in the most unexpected times, grab it). Do not make a habit out of it. Always learn to listen and focus. (Longest Note, sorry) x

Listening intently to what is being said;

But not being able to decipher a thing.

Those gazing eyes are far, far elsewhere although

Trying hard to look directly at who’s speaking.
Physically present inside the four corners of classroom,

Actually wants to learn more about the lesson.

But the mind is wandering in a mysterious place,

Decides to write a poem for some strange reason.


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Procrastination (8 words in 8 lines collection)

You seem to hate me, I attest that;

But you don’t remove me from your errands.

You have never ever left me behind in

What seems to be the most important task.

Yet, I’ll always be the one to blame

In stealing your ever precious and valuable time.

But remember, you are the one feeling lazy.

I didn’t force you to always choose me.


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Bands (8 words in 8 lines collection)

Note: This entry is dedicated to all the fangirls out there. I own the featured image. If you’re gonna use it, please give credits to me. twitter: notsopunkrockdj , punkrockxhoran IG: notsopunkrockdj . 🙂 x

They saved my life, I made their dreams

Come true. Their music is in my veins.

They taught me life is too short to

Have regrets. So sit back and rock out
Your best. In my eyes, they are my

Heroes, they are there in my darkest times.

I may just be another girl in the

Crowd. However, I know I am truly loved.


Sui Caedere (8 words in 8 lines collection)

As I awake, everyone in my family cries.

I see bloodstains on the floor. I ask,

“Mum and Dad, what is happening here? Please

Tell me so I know what to do.”

Neither one answers. And all I hear are

Painful agonising sobs of grief, pain, and sorrow.

Until I see a coffin, I slowly realise,

There lies my body from act of suicide.


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I Love Thunderstorms

A SHINING SUN smiling on our skin at the summer is one thing. But the loud clap and boom that resonates through the ears is a different matter. Accompany it with the pitter-patter sound of the rain and the package of melancholic effect is completed. Nonetheless, I have grown to love it.

Before, I actually despise the rain (check this and that). My concept of it is sadness and nostalgia. It is actually depressing when memories are reminisced.

Until one afternoon, as I have awaken from a nap, I feel a pang of dejection which I know is not new. Although, I have always tried to be cheery in a way, it is not exactly in my nature. Disillusionment is my way of lessening all the discomfort I experience. The earlier the realisation, the earlier the acceptance, perhaps. That is why I have learned to embrace the sadness, it makes me stronger.

That’s when I hear the sky screaming in agony and with it are its tears. It is soothing in a way only I could fathom. A lot of people would surely beg to disagree in my love of thunderstorms but this is who I am.

I am a pluviophile and ceraunophile. I embrace my sad state when I am alone. When I am alone, I listen to the nature’s plea. It can’t handle the pressure, either. Even the sky, explodes and screams and cries. I watch from my window the flash illuminating and the downpour of tears. I hear the rumble shattering the darkness. They, in a way, drown my fears and doubts.

The sky is there even in the worst of times and it sympathises one’s sadness. It is a reminder that somehow, no one is alone after all.


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