Non-Fiction · Poetry


Note: This entry was originally posted on 24 May 2015.

The world is a labyrinth;

It’s intricate and confusing.

Love is an abstract art.

It needs no fully understanding.

Hope is magic;

It gives you a sense of pride.

Mystery is a rollercoaster;

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Money and power are evil;

They destroy camaraderie that is true.

Judgments and prejudices are demons;

They bring out the worst in you.

Danger is a dreadful disease;

You won’t know until it’s there.

Pain is a math examination;

Something you just have to bear.

Guilt is a bully;

It makes you feel unworthy and miserable.

Anger is havoc;

It leads to things that are uncontrollable.

Faith in God is air;

You just feel, you need not to see.

The light in you is a star;

In the dark, it shines the brightest with glee.

Having fear is a cat and mouse chase;

The more you hide, the closer it gets.

The best moment is an unplanned holiday;

Spontaneous and no regrets.

Life is a figure of speech;

One-part irony and two-part metaphor.

Add a hint of sarcasm to spice it up,

Make God’s gift worth living for.



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