Fiction · Poetry

It Reminds Me

Note: This is the second of the fastest poems I’ve ever made in a span of 45 minutes. My friend asked me for three love poems she needed for a CW Class.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 November 2014.

More joyful than the New Year’s Day,

Sweeter than February 14;

Triumphant as Graduation in March,

Stronger than the April Showers I’ve seen.

Much more blooming than flowers of May.

As exciting as the start of school year in June;

Surprising as the quizzes in July,

Mind-blowing than August’s monsoon.

Keeps me awake in the ninth month of the year,

Relaxing as semester break in October;

Flavourful as November’s pumpkin pies.

More festive than Christmas in December.

The months of the year remind me.

24/7, I’ll always remember.

How our love is to infinity and beyond,

How we’ll love each other until forever.



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