Fiction · Poetry

Best Feeling

Note: This is the third and last of the fastest poems I’ve made in a span of 45 minutes. My friend asked me for three love poems she needed for a CW Class.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 November 2014.

We know not when the spear would have struck

Two different hearts which are in luck.

The feeling when one’s love is reciprocated

Makes one want to hug and kiss Cupid.

They say the best love is insane,

That it happens when heart is free from vain.

Surely, one couldn’t agree more;

Because the feeling has never happened before.

When he is the last ingredient to her delight;

When she is the last person he remembers at night.

When he is there for her in every single day;

When she is there to appreciate him in every single way.

The best feeling will be felt in the future.

Only oneself can be so sure.

But this is how you’ll know it’s true:

When once a complete stranger suddenly mean the world to you.




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