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Note: This is a poem I made when our English teacher asked us to write one about the rain. Please bear with me if you think it is not the best of my works. I’ve made this within the 40-minute time period given.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 29 October 2014.

Stranded by a force I shouldn’t ignore;

An unexpected forthcoming I never adore.

The fear I felt could never be more

As my feet carried me away from the shore.

As darkness starts to swallow the light,

They sound like monsters through the night.

With a whistling by a willow out of sight

I walk down the narrow path with certain fright.

Away from the seaside I began to leave

Because water droplets, I perceive.

I couldn’t stand with what I believe

Melancholy is what my heart received.

As a reminder, raindrops are happy

For everyone else except for me.

It is a sad reminisce, not a remedy,

An outpour of tears and depressing memory.


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