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Couplets about Me

Note: Today at school, we were asked to make couplets which corresponds to each letter of my name. Since my full name is Debijonne (‘de-bi-‹j‹‹‹‹ōn) which is kind of bummer because it’s long, I’m required to make nine couplets about myself. Here it is!

Note: This entry was originally posted on 16 August 2014.

 D-auntless as she’ll ever be,

She won’t just fear anybody.

E-xcellent when it comes to social media.

Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia.

B-ut socially awkward when you meet her in person.

You just don’t know her yet! That is the reason.

I-ntelligent as they say and she just thanks them for the compliment.

Humility at its best is her true key for improvement.

J-ust a simple damsel who lives life to the fullest.

Not taking problems seriously is what she does best.

O-veracting at times, at least she doesn’t deny.

However, there are moments when she tends to be shy.


N-evertheless they say that ‘sarcasm’ is not that good,

She admits they also say it’s her middle name, at least she understood.

N-ot just any music lover out there.

A punk/rock fan, a rockstar lass, something that she could share.

E-xpert youngster when it comes to multitasking.

Journalist, semi-athlete, bibliophile and extreme at fangirling.




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