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When Worlds Collide

Note: This entry was originally posted on 7 August 2014.


He was born on Earth as a handsome, young lad from a middle-class family in the suburbs. He grew up living in the centre of attraction as their folks always loved to have reunions and get-togethers. He never failed to sing in front of his relatives, pleasing them. However, he knew that aside from pleasing them at a young age of 8, he also found the joy in what he does.

When he was in middle school, he’d always participate in plays. Having his talent and looks, he always had had the lead role. Plus, his teachers were also sure girls would find interest in watching a classic play for he was present.

If in middle school, he has the most adorable face and admirable voice, wait till his high school days come. During middle school, everyone says he is in the apex of the cutest looks one has ever had.

In addition to that, his voice was in the zenith, too. That was what they have thought wrong.

His puppy-dog eyes had transformed into the greatest shade of emerald green. His straight, brunette hair from when he was 11 had turned into locks of chocolate curls. No one even knew why, maybe his hair had a bipolar disorder. During sophomore year, he grew about 5 inches taller making him a fair-skinned, 6 feet 3” lad.

Needless to say, puberty hit him really hard. Aside from his looks, his voice had a great improvement, too. The angelic, mellow vocals he used to have had become huskier with an eccentric vibe. He would still showcase his talent in front of the school crowd as a band vocalist earning a horde of squeals and applauses from his fellow students and teachers, as well.

From then on, this charming, talented, and young lad knew what he wanted to do all his life: to sing.



She was born on Earth as a simple, young maiden from a middle class divorced family in the suburbs. Since she was four, she had lived with her mother. Her dad constantly visited her until the state of middle school. The reason? She never exactly knew why.

From when she could remember, she grew up hiding in the shadows of her outgoing, blithe siblings who always gain the attention of her Mum. Nonetheless, she was a bright child. This intelligence was accompanied by a ‘nerdy’ and shy ambience.

She found her joy in reading English Literature novels, engaging herself in listening to music, and being alone. Whether it was being isolated in the library, the far corner of the classroom, or her own bedroom, the introvert side of her found it comfortable.

She was never confident. She never had the courage to speak her thoughts in class though she knew the right thing to say. Needless to say, she was the invisible girl.

She never became the centre of attention, as she was always doubtful that she deserved the spotlight. Whilst others say mean things to her, she would just accept and thought that she was worthy of the things they accused her.

Fortunately, she had found some close friends during high school. She was the polar opposite of their personality but they gladly accepted her; and she couldn’t be more thankful for that. However she was still shy and she never shared something serious with her new-found friends. It was all pure hanging out and shallow stuff, nothing more.

From then on, this simple, reserved, and young girl had prepared that her future would be as dull as what her present was. Little did she know that it all could change with a single song.



To say he was ecstatic would be the understatement of the century. He would perform tonight with his best mates in one of the biggest venues in the country. At such a young age, he could say he had achieved more that how much he wanted and he could never be more thankful for that.

Their band’s first single had made it straight to the no. 1 spot in many countries. How did they do it? He never knew the reason why. All he could assure was that whatever passion and love of what he does are what he poured out into that song.

Now, they have made a platinum album and he has no plans of stopping yet. He knows this is what he has been dreaming since he was a young bloke; and he will continue this as long as he can.

He had remembered his first time singing on stage as their band (which consisted of him and his best mates since high school) auditioned for a reality TV singing contest. They landed on fourth place. His heart faltered knowing that this could be the end of their career (although he hasn’t started one yet). However, he should have expected the unexpected.

It was because of the fans their career went uproar. They received numerous social media support from them which was the reason why the management pursued for them to have a single. The adrenaline he felt might as well be contagious for him to control it. But it surged all over himself as the thought of starting to do what he love hit him square in the face. He would work with his best mates who he knew were feeling the same way as him that time. He knew this is what they also love to do. He knew that he could interact with different people from then on and he couldn’t wait. He was a people person, after all.

“Ready, mate?” His reminisces were cut short as one of his co-members called his attention that there were only five minutes left before the concert—their concert—starts.

He took a deep breath to calm himself from the anticipated nerves every performer felt before going onstage before saying, “Let’s do this.”



“I don’t want to go. I’d rather sit here and read,” she complained to her friends as they insisted her to join them in one of their hang-outs.

“All you seem to do is read. Try to live a little. And it’s not like we’re attending a party. We’re going to a concert.” One of her friends reasoned out.

A series of murmurs came from the other three and they seem to have the same opinion with what their friend said.

She mumbled, “peer pressure”, as she agreed.

Her friends gushed, “I’m sure you’re going to enjoy it, love.” “You must feel lucky, not all gets their concert tickets for free like you.” “We’re going to have a good time.”

She mentally rolled her eyes at the thought. Of course, she had the right to get free tickets courtesy of her friends. Technically, she was being forced to come when she didn’t even want to in the first place.

The next day, as she woke up she decided to fish for some information about this new band her friends seemed to always talk about for the past, few days. “I’m attending so might as well know their whereabouts,” she thought.

Reading all the reviews about band’s first single intrigued her. It went straight to the no. 1 spot. How can one song be that famous? How can they capture all teenage girls’ attention? All these questions filled her curious mind.

She watched their interviews and video diaries and she can’t help but smile. They’re not just a bunch of modern-day money makers but she could feel their passion radiating off them. She could feel that there’s more to this band than their good looks and fancy accents. But the curly-haired bloke seemed to have caught most of her attention.

She would listen to how he narrated his life story. She would laugh at his terrible puns. She would admire the way he sang as he watched the re-runs of the reality TV contest they joined not a long time ago.

But wait! She hadn’t heard their single yet. So the next thing she did was go straight to their website and listened carefully to each and every lyric of the song.

Their words speak to her. They make him feel light and on cloud 9. It’s more than the melody and catchy tune; it’s about how they convey the message. It’s about how they sing what the girls always wanted to hear. It’s about how they make the girls feel loved.

Spending all her Saturday afternoon streaming the countless videos and photos of them (especially Mr. Curly) wasn’t bad after all. She needed to thank her friends. In fact, she had just come into the realization: She might not have fallen in love with them—him—at first sight, but when she fell, she fell hard.



“Thank you so much, we’ll see you soon. I love you, all,” He said in front of the screaming crowd consisting of thousands of fans as they retreated from the stage and on to their tour bus to travel for their next concert.

“That was so hype. I couldn’t believe we just performed in that big venue,” one of his mates babbled as they sat down the bus.

“We’ll travel around the whole continent to perform. It’s so surreal,” the other one butted. “Before, we would just do this at the auditorium for Homecoming and prom but now, we’re performing big arenas and concert stages. This is unexpected.”

“I feel the same, mate. Same feeling,” he agreed as he gulped on his water bottle.

He couldn’t help but smile as he thought that if someone would tell him a year and a half ago that he would be touring across the country with his mates, he would have probably laughed at the face of whoever it is. It was indeed a surreal moment.

Sure, he misses his family back in his hometown but he knows they support him no matter what. They know this is what he wants to do. They also constantly make sure he keeps his feet firmly on the ground, and appreciate the fans. It all comes down to them. They have been the one who made his dreams come true.

Touring across the country and the continent whilst recording for a new album might be tiring; but then again he enjoyed doing what he loves.

He knew this is just the start of a long journey ahead and he’s willing to smash it.


“Oh my gosh! That is like, the best concert ever,” one of her friends enthused as they exit the venue.

“I know, right! They are so dreamy, aren’t they?” another one agreed as they look at her for confirmation.

“Yes, they are,” she answered nonchalantly but deep inside she knew she enjoyed every second of their performance especially the part where Mr. Curly looked at her and winked during the encore.

“That is just your reaction after he winked at you?” They all squealed at the thought.

She shrugged and mumbled, “thanks for bringing me to this show,” although deep inside, she was so mind-blown by the fact that he spared her a glance even for just three seconds. Apparently, that was the best three seconds of her life so far.

She spent the night squealing on a pillow afraid to wake up her sleeping family. She was so feeling giddy all the time. Her friends and family didn’t fail to notice that she had become more attentive and blithe to her surroundings. She seemed to be more cheerful and carefree from that moment. Whenever they ask her about it, she just shrugged as she reasoned out that she wanted a change of attitude and they should be happy. That wasn’t a full lie, indeed.

~when worlds collide~

IT HAS BEEN a year and a half since that day and she couldn’t believe that she was still a fan even though she was already a college student. They serve as an inspiration to her although she had pursued a different path of career. “Oh well,” she thought. “I find ideas and things to write from their songs, anyway.”

She hasn’t seen them live again although they had another concert by the middle of the year. She was preparing for her exams that day and it would seem impractical if she attended. However, she knew they would do great. He would do great.

By the end of the year, there had been speculations that the band member he has a soft spot for in a group has found a girlfriend. She laughed at herself as she realized she actually felt hurt by the rumour (or fact). They had confirmed it two weeks before winter holidays. She felt happy for him because his career is still at its summit and it seems that no one can stop him from reaching his dreams. She must be proud of him. After all she was just a fan.

~when worlds collide~

Her last seatwork before the break required her writing a simple paragraph of a short tragedy she could think of. This was correlated to their analysis of one of Shakespeare’s stories.

Being a born-word lover, the words flow out of mind like a running tap as the ink of her pen brought it to life to be immortalized in her paper. She can’t seem to stop but she knew the length was already enough. She stood up and was one of the first people to submit their work.

Her professor gave her paper back asked her to read her work in front of the class. She agreed thinking to herself that if she faced the similar situation a year and a half ago, she would have cowered and sunk low on her seat afraid to speak her thoughts. She definitely gained her confidence.

“She is always there in the sea of the swarming crowd cheering on and feeling proud of what he had achieved; of what he continues to achieve,” she started.

“She stares at him with pure adoration and exultation that only she could understand. Sure, his band mates were performing as great as he did. But an unknown force keeps on pulling her to him. He, with his perfect voice and carefree attitude, is a magnet; and only she could understand why it was it was him that attracts her heart the most.

“He doesn’t know her, of course; but she seems to know everything about him from his real name to favourite colour to time of birth. She writes him letters even though it was clear he won’t be able to read it.

“She knows she will continue to be there for him no matter what. She is one of the millions who made his dreams come true. Her life is saved by him (in a sense that only she, again, could fathom). She was given to believe in herself that she, indeed, is beautiful, as his lyrics float on her mind. She was given a shot of confidence, as he inspired her to make the most of life; to dream big.

“She sees the boy who saved her life, who became her world, who doesn’t know she exists. Meanwhile, he looks at the crowd and all he sees are random unfamiliar faces of girls screaming his name.

“The pattern continues, incessantly. He continues to walk his dream whilst she could only support him as one of the million faces. This is how reality has struck her upon realizing she would never have the chance to talk to him privately, to personally thank him for what he has done, to let him know how much she loves him. Their worlds might have collided; nevertheless, it was only she who knows it.”

“That was so beautifully sad,” her professor praised her.

She shrugged with a sad smile as she sat down back to her seat with the whole class applauding her short work.



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