Way too Nice… (8 words in 8 lines collection)

They won’t intentionally go and break your heart, In fact, they will make you feel special. You hope he’ll be the one and only, The saviour of your precious, broken heart. Beware: he can also have your heart shattered If he can't reciprocate the love you give. No young adult fiction has warned you Not… Continue reading Way too Nice… (8 words in 8 lines collection)

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Flood of Aide-Memoire

Note: This entry was originally posted on 13 November 2014. “WHEN IT RAINS, it pours.” This saying was proven true when the country was struck by one of the most destructive and catastrophic phenomena in the decade. It was the 8th of November, a year ago. Our school declared suspension once the weather forecast announced… Continue reading Flood of Aide-Memoire