Morals: The Lost Treasure

Note: Yayyyy!!! This is my first post after all the revisions I made. Clean slate blog no more.

2nd note: This essay is purely my opinion and I don’t intend to offend anyone.

AS WE TAKE a leap into the 21st century, our generation enjoys the perks the new millennium brings. Everything that must have been seemingly unsightly five decades ago becomes socially acceptable these days. Nobody cares how they shall be perceived anymore. Besides, it’s the norm. Maybe it’s because of the new era or people really must have forgotten about their morals.

What are morals anyway?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, it can be defined as “relating to, dealing with, or capable of making the distinction between, right and wrong in conduct.”

Everything nowadays seems advancing with the exception of morality. It’s easy to get swept away by this wave of society who barely cares about godly and moral character anymore.

For instance, in school, copying one’s homework/test has been a mainstream habit of students these days. Since when has been cheating legal? When did works of dishonesty become allowed? What ever happened to integrity? This has been part of good conduct but when a student stands up for what is right and refuse to share his/her notes he/she would be called selfish, prude and any other terms of the like. I am not saying that this happens in all schools but I’m stating a fact that this happens in majority of them.

Another example that happens between teenagers would be bad peer pressure. If you are a teen and you’re being persuaded into the things I’ll mention, you’ve got to think twice about your so-called friends. “Living a little” is not the definition of having drugs, taking in alcohol whilst underage, sneaking out to parties, ditching school and most of all, pre-marital sex. Another thing I simply cannot fathom is cursing/swearing/cussing more often than needed. Sure, it can be really helpful in proving a point but it has become stereotypical that it may be even more understood than important vocabulary words.

At home, a lot of teenagers these days seem to have an attitude towards their parents and elders. Majority of the teens argue a lot with their parents over the pettiest things instead of discussing it carefully like what Homo sapiens should do. The argument often heats up and harsh words are being thrown to and fro even when they don’t mean it. What ever happened to respect?

I am a teenager, myself. I am not perfect. I’m far from it. What I may have that majority of kids doesn’t is the knowledge about values. I know that it should still be present in us no matter what happens. We should maintain the right attitude and behaviour no matter how messed up is the world we live in. By reading this, you should’ve called me uptight by then. However, I am stating a point and I need to continue this no matter how much criticism I’ll get.

One in ten young Filipino women age 15-19 has begun childbearing: 8% are already mothers and another 2% are pregnant with their first child according to the results of the 2013 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS).

“Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge”
-Hebrew 13:4

This is one of the Bible quotations which correlate to the marriage before sex topic. However, there is a tragic fact it has long been forgotten.

Media has been one of main influences in this society. Movies, television, and music have increasingly become culverts of self-indulgence, where every kind of immorality and violence is accepted, even glamourized, and they don’t care about the toxic result it could store in the minds and souls of young people — the industry consciously invest millions to convince kids to fish in the toilet bowl called “entertainment.”

Different case scenarios are promoted on television and the internet and in movies, books, magazines, and other communications media. In television, you can see friends who back stab each other, couples who are having third-parties and even sexuality. Same goes for movies. Books feature some ‘bad boy’ who takes drugs and alcohol, fights in an underground boxing match, participates in brawls more often than the number of meals in a day, and guess what? That’s okay. I even stumbled upon this book with detailed erotic scenes and I immediately turned it down but then other people my age seem to have enjoyed it.

I don’t condemn people reading these genres. However, we must have self-control. Learn to know what we must apply in real life and what we must not. It’s all about self-control. Young people are generally curious they tend to think it’s cool and awesome. These examples are what they see and it’s the norm.

Here we go again with the norm. Is the norm really appropriate? Or do we really just follow the norm in order to fit in? What happened to the humans having the notion of what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’? I believe it is not completely dissolved.

“Only a moral and virtuous people are capable of freedom. The more corrupt and vicious a society becomes, the more it has need of masters.” -Benjamin Franklin

The previous quotation was made by my favourite scientist/politician. I figure I would like to share it with you.

As a Christian, I also would like to share the life Jesus has lived. We’ll find all the characteristics of godliness listed in Him. Jesus showed us how we should live and act. He lived a godly life and set the example for us to follow. It is never too late for a good change. With the sudden rise of the state of our living in the 21st century, let us bring our morals with it.

To end this essay/rant of my 16 year-old self, I have a metaphor for you: Morals are lost treasures we can find in this map of ourselves where the X mark leads to our chest.  Why the chest, you ask? Figuratively and symbolically, we just have to dig deep to find them.



Note: This entry was originally posted on 24 May 2015.

The world is a labyrinth;

It’s intricate and confusing.

Love is an abstract art.

It needs no fully understanding.

Hope is magic;

It gives you a sense of pride.

Mystery is a rollercoaster;

Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Money and power are evil;

They destroy camaraderie that is true.

Judgments and prejudices are demons;

They bring out the worst in you.

Danger is a dreadful disease;

You won’t know until it’s there.

Pain is a math examination;

Something you just have to bear.

Guilt is a bully;

It makes you feel unworthy and miserable.

Anger is havoc;

It leads to things that are uncontrollable.

Faith in God is air;

You just feel, you need not to see.

The light in you is a star;

In the dark, it shines the brightest with glee.

Having fear is a cat and mouse chase;

The more you hide, the closer it gets.

The best moment is an unplanned holiday;

Spontaneous and no regrets.

Life is a figure of speech;

One-part irony and two-part metaphor.

Add a hint of sarcasm to spice it up,

Make God’s gift worth living for.


A Letter to the Secret Crush

Note: This entry was originally posted on 14 February 2015.

Dear Secret Crush,

It feels so odd writing this letter to you. I know you won’t be able to read it because I’ll probably burn this letter after writing it, but I’ll continue anyway.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How are you feeling? Are you happy today? Are you thinking of me too? Do you feel the same way? Are you okay?

This bunch of questions fills my mind. Tsk. I worry too much about you; it isn’t good for my health anymore.

I know it is not in my place to worry because, heck, we’re not even together (I don’t even know if you consider me as your friend), but these feelings I’ve developed for you are starting to lose control.

I love it when you talk to me even in technical terms such as school work and other related activities. I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I’m near you. I even feel that sparks or butterflies in my stomach when I hear you talk about the most random things.

Yes, I see and hear you. I have eyes and ears, you know. I know you rub the back of your neck in your usual boyish manner when you are nervous. You bite the tip of your pen when you concentrate. You sway your legs to and fro in your seat when you intently listen to what the teacher says. You chuckle silently and shake your head at every joke you hear whether it’s funny or not.

It’s creepy, odd, and strange, I know. Others may consider it stalker-ish, but I can’t help it. My mind tends to notice the littlest things about you.

This is the main reason why I’ll never pursue you.

I’m afraid that if you knew, you laugh at my face to the extent that the whole school will surely know. I would be humiliated. I’m afraid that if you knew, we will lose touch even less than how little we talk to each other already. I’m afraid that if you knew, things would be more awkward for us (if that would still be possible). And lastly, I’m afraid to know that you don’t like me back. I hate rejection and I know there is a big chance you don’t reciprocate this feelings I have for you.

On the other hand, you might like me too. Nevertheless, the chances are slim. We’re not even friends to begin with. Plus, if you like me back, you might’ve pursued me since then.

I really want us to become friends. But I’m afraid that others may notice the feelings I have. I actually think your mates already know. They keep on teasing me about it. However, I need to deny it to keep my dignity intact. I tend to deny a lot of things, anyway so I guess it won’t be so bad.  Unless I confirm it myself, no one can tell about my exact feelings except me.

This letter is getting long. I have a lot of things to say but I’ll save it to myself. I would just be here at the back to support you secretly. I would just be here at the back to cheer for you in your football games. I would just be here at the back to be happy for you when you achieve things.

And when the time comes that you pursue someone in the future who is not me, I would still be happy for you. Love will always be that way. I must set you free to whomever you’ll be happy with. Even if it’s not with me.

See? After all these years that I’m hiding this sensation, only one dumb letter can make me realize that indeed, this is love. Imagine?

Well, I hope you’re always happy. Seeing you that way makes me glad, too, even if I’m not the reason why.

Before I end this letter, I want to tell you that I may not be able to hide this affection forever. It is not possible; but I won’t tell it to you immediately either. Maybe in the future, when I already get over you. I might actually just laugh it off whilst saying it. Nobody knows what tomorrow hold, so as much as possible; I’ll bury it for now.

This is a dreadful idea: writing you a letter a letter that you won’t ever receive. I’ve set this for myself so don’t worry about it. I will always be here secretly being in love with you.

It’s neither a goodbye nor a confession. It is a pathetic letter that comes from the heart.

Yours truly,

The Girl at the Back of the Class



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Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 December 2014.


Peacefulness, tranquillity.

As I glance the view,

Like a fresh morning dew as I take in the scent;

A crisp flower petal in my senses.

The vastness of the waters around me;

No one may have ever thought

That as my pen scribbles in paper,

This poem is on a boat by the sea.


Best Feeling

Note: This is the third and last of the fastest poems I’ve made in a span of 45 minutes. My friend asked me for three love poems she needed for a CW Class.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 November 2014.

We know not when the spear would have struck

Two different hearts which are in luck.

The feeling when one’s love is reciprocated

Makes one want to hug and kiss Cupid.

They say the best love is insane,

That it happens when heart is free from vain.

Surely, one couldn’t agree more;

Because the feeling has never happened before.

When he is the last ingredient to her delight;

When she is the last person he remembers at night.

When he is there for her in every single day;

When she is there to appreciate him in every single way.

The best feeling will be felt in the future.

Only oneself can be so sure.

But this is how you’ll know it’s true:

When once a complete stranger suddenly mean the world to you.



It Reminds Me

Note: This is the second of the fastest poems I’ve ever made in a span of 45 minutes. My friend asked me for three love poems she needed for a CW Class.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 November 2014.

More joyful than the New Year’s Day,

Sweeter than February 14;

Triumphant as Graduation in March,

Stronger than the April Showers I’ve seen.

Much more blooming than flowers of May.

As exciting as the start of school year in June;

Surprising as the quizzes in July,

Mind-blowing than August’s monsoon.

Keeps me awake in the ninth month of the year,

Relaxing as semester break in October;

Flavourful as November’s pumpkin pies.

More festive than Christmas in December.

The months of the year remind me.

24/7, I’ll always remember.

How our love is to infinity and beyond,

How we’ll love each other until forever.


Let Me Be Your Juliet

Note: This is the first of the fastest poems I’ve ever made in a span of 45 minutes. My friend asked me for three love poems she needed for a CW Class.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 20 November 2014.


I am always at your side,

Celebrating your championships,

The best one you’ll ever find.


I never left you alone,

That day when you told me she broke up with you,

Being a ‘martyr’ I have shown.


I stand by to pick and cheer you up,

The time your parents have divorced,

I know how you felt crap.

Joy or hardships.

Romeo, I am always here.

When will you ever realize

That I am the one near?

Why someone else?

Why can’t I be your Juliet?

I guess this is the tragic notion

Of how ‘friend zone’ will always be set.



Flood of Aide-Memoire

Note: This entry was originally posted on 13 November 2014.

“WHEN IT RAINS, it pours.”

This saying was proven true when the country was struck by one of the most destructive and catastrophic phenomena in the decade.

It was the 8th of November, a year ago. Our school declared suspension once the weather forecast announced the anticipation of the strongest typhoon to come.

I was awe-struck, to say the least. Glancing at the serene sky, not a raindrop poured on me but I could sense the different direction of the breeze. I was taken aback when I opened the television just to have witnessed my fellow countrymen from the Visayan part experiencing the great surge of Yolanda.

To say that the place was flooded was the understatement of the century. News reporters struggled to cover and shoot the location where establishments were destroyed, properties were wrecked, and the worst of all: lives were taken away.

I couldn’t imagine how I could manage to continue living a life if I was in their shoes. As a fellow Filipino citizen, what could I do than just sit here and offer sympathy to those who survived the storm?

It has been a year since the tragedy and although the obliteration can’t be fully refurbished (especially the loss of lives), it wouldn’t hurt to bring back what we could restore.

It was the 8th of November in the present year and I was sitting in front of the television once more taking in the flood of aide-memoire. The memories of how I somehow was able to contribute something for the survival of my fellow citizens in distress.

A penny is worth a shot for a thousand pennies can form a thousand bucks which, I believe, is a great contribution for them. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

The saying is brought up once again: “when it rains, it pours.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I view those generous people from all over the world lending a helping hand to our country. I couldn’t help but smile as I see my fellow countrymen awake with optimism and joy nonetheless of what has happened.

The pour of ruins isn’t a hindrance, indeed; because nothing can stop the flood of unity and will to offer one another hope and light.

Typhoon Yolanda might not be a great memory for all, but it sure is a challenge from above.

I am just glad we were able to prove our unity as a nation. After all, God will never give us problems we couldn’t solve.


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Note: This is a poem I made when our English teacher asked us to write one about the rain. Please bear with me if you think it is not the best of my works. I’ve made this within the 40-minute time period given.

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 29 October 2014.

Stranded by a force I shouldn’t ignore;

An unexpected forthcoming I never adore.

The fear I felt could never be more

As my feet carried me away from the shore.

As darkness starts to swallow the light,

They sound like monsters through the night.

With a whistling by a willow out of sight

I walk down the narrow path with certain fright.

Away from the seaside I began to leave

Because water droplets, I perceive.

I couldn’t stand with what I believe

Melancholy is what my heart received.

As a reminder, raindrops are happy

For everyone else except for me.

It is a sad reminisce, not a remedy,

An outpour of tears and depressing memory.


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