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Best-est Dad I’ve Ever Had (orig. Untitled)

Note: This poem is dedicated to my dad, John Glenn. I love you, Daddy! And to my uncles, Uncle Jouise, Uncle Jojo, Uncle Jay, and Uncle King, happy fathers’ day to you, too! 🙂

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 14 June 2014.

 This special poem I’m about to make, I hope that you would like it.

Please understand what I want to say, ‘cause I’m not really a poet.

Please don’t expect this to turn out to be the best poem,

‘Cause we all know, my thoughts, I simply cannot fathom.

I remember those wonderful times, when I was still your little baby

You always call me your ‘little piece of cake.’ I always disagree.

However, I may just look annoyed, Daddy.

But I like that sweet name, trust me.

Those times that I feel down, I’d always count on you.

I take your advice seriously, that’s true.

Your thoughts and principles, I would always value;

I love you very much, I hope you always knew.

My friend, my teacher, my superhero, my father.

I just feel so proud to be your daughter.

Your jokes may not be the most humorous if I will be honest,

I know you just say it so I won’t be sad. Dad, you are the best!

There’s always a special feeling when I think about you, Dad

When I reminisce my moments with you, I am always glad

On your special day, I really want to thank God.

‘cause He gave me the best-est father I’ve ever had.


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