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Just a Dream (Part Two)

Note: This entry was originally posted on 14 June 2014.

Disclaimer: The author doesn’t own the rights of the films stated in this story. Credits are given to the makers of those films. The views and opinions of the characters regarding the films do not reflect those of the author’s.

‘WAKE UP IN the morning with the sunlight in my eyes.’

Urgghh! How many times did that song repeat already? Why did it have to repeat, anyways? What the–? Oh my… Had I been clicking snooze for the past hour? Gosh. Gosh. I would be late for the new semester!! Oh my. Tristan would probably kill me.

Scurrying out of my bed, I quickly went to the bathroom. Oh gosh Julia, what happened to you? You just spent your whole night thinking of that lad all over again!

Gosh! Just because I hadn’t seen him this winter break, I’ve been dreading to see him this upcoming semester. Was I that clingy or something? Yeah, maybe; but I couldn’t help it.

Okay! Let me tell you who I am first. My name is Julia Richards, 18, senior student. I am considered as the only daughter of one of the richest families in town. However, it never gets through my head. I’m not the kind of girl who goes to parties, who wears slutty clothes, who wants to be the Queen bee. I am me, and that’s because of someone who I consider as my best friend: Tristan Boyce.

He’s the son of my favourite worker at home. We are in the same age. I can consider that we are close. Since freshman, he has been beside me. Technically, he works for me. But I never call and treat him as my personal assistant/bodyguard. He is my driver, too. He takes care of my Ford Mustang. Dad never trusts me with cars and boy stuff.

~just a dream (part two)~

I LOOKED AT the time as I hasten to the kitchen for a short breakfast. I saw Mrs. Boyce cooking something which I knew was delicious. It was my great sense of smell for food, I guess. Wait! Uh-oh. That clearly meant Tristan was here already and it was twenty three minutes before the school bell rings.

Nonetheless, I knew he could make it in time. Boys will always be boys. I know you know what I mean.

“Hi, Mrs. Boyce,” I greeted as I grabbed an apple from the fruit stand.

She wiped her hands with the cloth before she looked at me, “Oh, hi Julia. Looking good as always. I hope you had a nice break. It’s Rosie by the way.”

“Thanks, and yes I had a nice break,” I’ve been thinking of your son when I was in Florida, I wanted to add but of course, I wouldn’t dare. “I only have a short time, I need to go. Tristan is waiting,” I added.

“But you haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind,” She handed me a plate of the most delicious omelettes in the country—no hyperbole intended (for me).

Whilst I was eating and Mrs. Boyce was fixing and cleaning some things in the kitchen, I felt his presence. Uh-oh. I slowly looked towards his direction and—

“Richards, don’t you know that we could be late for the first day of the new semester?” He immediately snapped at me.

Mrs. Boyce and I tried to contain our laughter. He was amusing. So I answered to piss him more, “Oh come on, Boyce. It’s not like I don’t know you can speed up and we’ll make it to school for only five minutes.”

“Tan, please don’t be hard on her. She just came here a few minutes ago to have breakfast. Julia was sick that’s why she was late,” Mrs. Boyce butted in.

“But I saw she’s completely done and we need to hurry up. Your parents will kill me if they knew we’re late for school,” He redirected his look on me again.

“Take a chill pill, dude. Mum and Dad won’t come home until next month. Mrs. Boyce, we shall go now. Bye,” I stood up from the kitchen counter and scurried with him to his car. It was serious this time. It would be a miracle for us to be in school before the bell rings.

“Okay, goodbye Julia. And how many more years till you learn to call me Rosie? Oh, bye, son,” His Mum replied.

Because I was late, we both had twenty minutes detention after school. I was relieved when Tan wasn’t that upset with me. He was understanding, handsome, and he and I shared most our interests.

Wait, what was he still doing? It was next period already! “Hey, Boyce. We’re already late on our first class. Maybe you don’t want to be late on the next, do you?”

“You do know you’re the reason why I was late, don’t you?” He sounded like a girl. But deep down, I liked it when he’s upset. He gave me more attention.

Gosh! Is it that barefaced already? I have been thinking of having him with me on vacation. I find each of his traits seemingly attractive. He is on my mind 24/7. Am I that pathetic? No, I am in love. With Tristan Boyce, okay?

“Yes, I do. And if we’re late for next class, it’s because of you now,” I answered so he would talk to me more. Petty, I know.

“Why will you be late?” he asked.

“I’m going to wait for you, duh. And if you don’t lift your butt off that desk, I’ll pull you if necessary and I’ll even forget I was guilty for having you end up in detention,” Yes, I was still guilty. I knew how important grades were for him. For the past four years, i had been the reason why he has been late and absent in school.

Nonetheless, he was still there for me. He might just do this because it was his job. But I’d always seen him as my knight-in-shining-armour. Pretty cheesy, huh? Before, I actually laughed at those chick flicks because I don’t watch that kind of movies. I love superheroes, especially Spider-man. However, I knew how it felt to be in love. It was like I’m always on Cloud 9.

~just a dream (part two)~

IT WAS TIME for History and I met a transferee. He was a good lad and we were partners for a project. He invited me to lunch and I accepted; simply because we should work on our project. The bell rang indicating lunch time. We were laughing about his hilarious antics and how he despised History. Just as we were walking out of History class, I saw Tristan walking towards my class. Perhaps, he was about to fetch me. Yeah, I know it was absurd. He was my chaperone even during lunch time.

“Oh, hi Tan!” I greeted whilst adding, “This is Matt Hudgens. He is a transferee.” He needed to know who I was going with. He deserved it. He might think I go out with other lads. This was just for project.

“Hi,” Matt said in a formal tone. I started to think if he grew up in military school.

Tristan smiled and I spoke, “Oh, Matt invited me for lunch today.” What the! He might think Matt asked me out so I quickly offered, “If you want, you could come.”

I saw his eyes changing into a different shade. It was with—rage? Was he angry? Or was he j—

“Uhm, no, thanks. I would just see you again after school. Nice to meet you, Matt,” His voice was the same calm and collected tone.

I couldn’t help but feel disappointed. Why would I think he would be jealous? Seriously? Oh come, on. It was obviously fine for him. He wanted to get rid of me, anyway.

So I flashed a fake smile and said, “Bye, Tan.”

I guess I will see him after school.

~just a dream (part two)~

WEEKS HAD PAST and I had frequently hanged out with Matt. I knew he liked me but I was still a human who had her own feelings. I just used him to make Tristan jealous. However, he seemed cool enough about me hanging out with Matt.

Doesn’t he reciprocate the feelings I have for him? Why does he keep being calm and collected about it? He doesn’t even give a single clue about being upset.

“I’ve been with Matt yesterday and we tried to watch a movie. He was with me but it was oddly boring. He doesn’t like The Amazing Spiderman 2! Seriously, any lad would like superheroes. He’s been our favourite ever since!” I ranted whilst we were in the car on the way to the mall. I decided to tell how I didn’t enjoy watching my favourite movie if it wasn’t with him.

“So, he isn’t a fan of our favourite superhero. What a shame!” There was proudness in his tone. What was going on with him?

“I guess we just have to watch it again today in the cinema. You need to watch it, Tan!” I cheered on. We really needed to watch it again. It was better to watch it if it was with a fan, too and of course, with the lad I like since grade school.

“You want to repeat it again? I thought you and that transferee had a great night,” He asked as he parked the car in the parking and we made our entrance to the mall.

I thought of what I would say. It took some seconds before I answered, “I would enjoy the movie whilst watching with you. But he was sweet all throughout the night, except the Peter Parker part.”

I was already giving him hints and at the same time making him jealous. However, he never seemed interested in me. If you would ask why I don’t just admit it to him, I would just like to explain that I am not that insane yet. I was already pathetic enough to give him hints that I liked him—or love­ him­­—but I wouldn’t lose my dignity and self-respect by admitting my feelings for a lad.

I tried to look for some cute dresses for the upcoming Valentine’s Ball. I decided to come for it is our last year already. I knew that if I would go, Tan will go too. Maybe he would ask me out. So I chose the perfect dress. It wasn’t that hard. We both liked the same colour.

I came out of the fitting room wearing my chosen red dress. I saw Tan sitting the bench near the end of the clothes rack and I decided to show it to him. “Does this look good on me?” I asked.

He seemed to be in shock with my voice and when he looked at me I heard him mumble, ‘why is she even buying a gown?’

I mentally laughed at his thoughts. He always had these times when he said his thoughts out loud. Oh how I wished he would give me a slight hint if he reciprocated his feeling. I hoped to know that one day, when he would be thinking of me and he shall say his thoughts out loud about him liking me too.

However, remembering that he had forgotten about the dance everyone has been talking about; I stared at him clearly not able to believe he had forgotten it, “Duh, Tan! Remember Valentine’s Ball? This is our last Valentine’s Day celebration in school. You even forgot about it?”

“Why would I remember it? We don’t even attend those kinds of program. Don’t tell me you’re going this year?” He stared at me questioningly. Right, he had a point. He and I used to stay at home during those events and have a Superhero movie marathon whilst everyone was getting tipsy at the dance.

“Why not?” I replied. “Oh, I’ll just pay for this. Whether you like it or not, we’re going to the Valentine’s Ball,” I stormed off to the cashier to avoid further questioning.

~just a dream (part two)~

TRISTAN AND I were eating lunch at our usual table in the cafeteria. It was three days before the ball yet I didn’t know who he asked as a date. I really would like to know. Yet, I was still afraid of looking pathetic in front of him.

“Hey! Did somebody ask you out to the dance already?” Thank God! He did the questioning first.

“No! No one has asked me yet. How about you? Have you asked someone out?” I answered hurriedly. Wait! Was this a way of asking me out?

I noticed that he paused and I was sure he was about to tell something to me. Would he really ask me to the dance? I internally squealed when—

“No!” He answered like he just heard my thoughts. “I would just be there. I’ll just be your chaperone by the way. Your parents would get upset if I invited someone and let something not good happen to you.”

A pang of disappointment coursed through my whole body as I heard those words of devious rejection. This was his time. If he really liked me, he could’ve asked me to the dance. However, he didn’t. That clearly meant I was just someone he works for. He does all these things because it was his job, not because he truly cared for me.

Just as I answered and shrugged, “oh, okay”, I was frightened by all the students who suddenly stood up and sang a familiar melody I used to hate. What was with flash mobs these days?

‘Can I Have This Dance?’ by that musical thing-y was sang by all the students and I noticed they were all looking at me. I mentally groaned and cringed at my seat. This was totally embarrassing, humiliating, mortifying, and every other word related to that. The small crowd cleared the way and someone was walking towards me.

As he was nearing to me, I clearly recognized his face. It was none other than Matt Hudgens.

“Julia Richards, in front of the whole student body present here in the cafeteria. Would you go out to the Valentine’s Ball with me?” He asked and I internally screeched.

Don’t get me wrong, though. He is nothing but sweet to me. However, he just never seems to know what I like and what I hate. The song he used is even my laughing stock in grade school. Plus, I think I just made it clear my heart beats for only one person. And that person is that lad sitting across my spot.

My thoughts suddenly came back to life when I heard all the students in the cafeteria cheer ‘Matt and Julia’ and ‘Julia, say yes’ and ‘Malia’. Tsk. That’s the dumbest ship name in the planet.

How can I ever get out of this mess? Oh, I know. Tristan can help. I’m sure he will help me. So I do my best to have that pleading look straight on Tristan’s eyes. It clearly says ‘Help! I don’t want to go with him to the dance.’ I waited for his Save Julia Moment but the freaking dude just shrugged!

He shrugged like he was never affected at all. He shrugged like it was just okay for him to see me with that bloke. He shrugged like he never cared for me. He shrugged like I was just nothing to him.

‘Maybe it’s because he never really likes you.’

See? Even my subconscious said it herself. I was nothing to Tristan Boyce. He only cared for me because it was his job. He was always even annoyed by my presence. He always snapped at me. It hurt but I needed to accept it. Tristan Boyce would never reciprocate the feelings I have for him.

I sighed before I answered. I should brace myself. I was and still the Julia Richards and I needed to look strong. “Yes,” It came out only as a mumble, though. No worries. The whole cafeteria still had perceived it and cheered for Matt and me.

Matt hugged me to death and I pretended to be happy. I was so upset with Tristan. But what was my right to be? Of course, I had no right to be upset with him! He did nothing to me. However, I was just human and I couldn’t help it. It hurt to know that the lad you love never cared for you.

It hurts to know that the man you love doesn’t love you back.

~just a dream (part two)~

WHEN I AGREED to go with Matt to the ball, I knew I mustn’t think of Tristan. I even gave him a cold shoulder for the past days after that horrid scene in the cafeteria.

I would either pretend to talk with Matt on the phone. I even started to hang out frequently with the geeks of Book Club. He tried to approach me sometimes but I just didn’t have the guts to talk to him. He would surely ask why I was avoiding him. What should I say? That ‘I am in love with you but you can never love me back. For that, I hate you so much.’ So I just walked away whenever I see him and I hitch a ride with my new geek colleagues to go home. I just knew I couldn’t talk to him without blurting out what I really felt.

The night of the dance came. I still wore the dress I was supposed to wear just to impress Boyce. However, this was supposed to be my night with Matt. Before Tan could even come to my house the night of the dance, I made sure Matt would pick me up earlier. For now, I thought I should forget the rule about being fashionably late.

At the Valentine’s Ball, Matt had been nothing but sweet to me. He was the epitome of the perfect man in cliché love stories. Nonetheless, I hated cliché.

Conversely, a portion of my mind knew that it was too difficult to let go of this bloke when I knew that I would end up with nobody. Here was the scenario: Matt asked me to be his girlfriend on a Valentine’s Day. He even kneeled in front me like he was about to propose. Geez! It wasn’t an engagement ring. It was just a promise ring according to him.

My mind was still clouded with the thoughts of that lad, though. Let us just hide him under the name Tristan Boyce. I still looked for him around the venue. However, I felt guilty of hesitating to answer Matt’s question when I saw none other than Tristan, himself, dancing and flirting with another girl.

“Yes!” I answered. Matt immediately kissed me on my lips when he heard my word. Oh, Julia Lizeth Roberts, you had definitely become a fool. Why would you still think of a lad who never really cared when there was this man in front of you who truly loves you and cared for you?

I sighed. Maybe, Tristan Boyce and I being together was just a dream I should let go of. Some things were not really meant to be. And he and I being a couple were just one of those uncountable things.



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