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Just a Dream (Part One)

Note: This entry was originally posted on 6 June 2014.

Disclaimer: The author doesn’t own the rights of the films stated in this story. Credits are given to the makers of those films. The views and opinions of the characters regarding the films do not reflect those of the author’s.

THEY SAY THE best love is insane.’

I groaned covering my ears with a pillow. One Republic again?

Well, I still had blamed my sister for that. Ever since she became a fan of that band (which was three years ago), waking up to their annoying songs wasn’t a miracle anymore. On the bright side, I’ve never been late to school and my work because of that. It never failed to wake me up. I just didn’t like cheesy songs.

So let me introduce myself, I’m Tristan Boyce, 18, senior student. About my work? I’m a son of one of the maids of the richest family in town, the Richards. Since I was a freshman, I have been the driver/personal assistant/bodyguard of their only daughter, Julia.

Now, I’m hurrying up to go to school. Technically, I’ll go to their house first with Mum and fetch her there. Her car has been under my supervision since she can’t drive yet (and I bet she won’t learn to). I mean, that girl has been afraid to manoeuvre the steering wheel when I tried to teach her in sophomore year. Aside from that, her parents also think that I will surely take good care of the Ford Mustang. Yeah, because I’m a lad. It’s nice to know that her parents trust me enough with these things, but I never take it for granted. I do this job to help my mother. I know that being a single parent is so hard for her. Apparently, it is for everyone. Except for me, I don’t have a child.

I actually don’t know why Julia’s parents don’t trust her enough to go on her own. Ever since she reached high school, they immediately hired me to look after her. It isn’t hard work, to say the most. Julia may be rich, but she doesn’t act like those whiny, obnoxious, spoiled-brats in school. She doesn’t normally go to parties. She is in fact, the opposite: introvert, nerdy, goody-two-shoes girl. I’ve always admired her discipline. Before, I really thought that the daughter of the family who my Mum works for is a stuck-up, party loving, egoistic mischief maker. So much for judging a book by its cover.

~just a dream (part one)~

“HAVE A SAFE trip. Be careful, Honey. Don’t drive too fast. Good luck on your first day of the last semester in high school,” Mum said for the thousandth time today.

I start to think, ‘duh, it isn’t like I’m going to a faraway place. It’s just school.’ Now, I act like sarcastic Julia. However, being the good son I am, I just suck up my thoughts and hug my mother.

When Mum got out of the car, I patiently waited for Julia. Five minutes had passed but she still had not shown. The normal ride to school was a fifteen-minute drive, and right now, there were only eighteen minutes till the school bell rings. Where was she?

Impatiently, I walked out of the car and slammed the door. I didn’t want to be late at the start of the second semester. I walked to the back door leading to the kitchen where my Mum usually was. And there she was—not just my Mum, but Julia too, wearing a nice blue tank top and fitted jeans. Her cardigan was hung on her forearms. It wasn’t snowing but it was still a tad cold. Her outfit was nothing new, but I always had found her absolutely captivating. She was talking to my mother casually before she diverted her attention to me. That was where I broke out of my thoughts; I was supposed to be upset.

I immediately snapped at her, “Richards, don’t you know that we could be late for the first day of the new semester?”

She and my Mum looked at me—­amusedly? What was it with this two?

Julia spoke still not removing her grin, “Oh come on, Boyce. It’s not like I don’t know you can speed up and we’ll make it to school for only five minutes.”

Mum butted in, “Tan, please don’t be hard on her. She just came here a few minutes ago to have breakfast. Julia was sick that’s why she was late.”

“But I saw she’s completely done and we need to hurry up. Your parents will kill me if they knew we’re late for school,” I retorted looking directly in her eye.

“Take a chill pill, dude. Mum and Dad won’t come home until next month. Mrs. Boyce, we shall go now. Bye,” She stood up from the kitchen counter.

“Okay, goodbye Julia. And how many more years till you learn to call me Rosie? Oh, bye, son,” Mum replied.

I hurried to the car and when she did, too, I scurried up on the way to school. As expected, we didn’t make it on time. Twenty minutes detention for being five minutes late on the first class, how did I deserve it?

Oh yeah, it is because of a girl named Julia. But there’s nothing I can do. It seems that when I reach high school, everything Julia does involve me. In spite of this, I don’t regret anything. I admit Julia’s a fun companion. She’s cute, sarcastic but funny, kid at heart and—

“Hey, Boyce. We’re already late on our first class. Maybe you don’t want be late on the next, do you?” Julia’s words snapped me out of my thoughts.

“You do know you’re the reason why I was late, don’t you?” I retorted. I really should stop hanging out with her because now I was sounding like a girl.

“Yes, I do. And if we’re late for next class, it’s because of you now.”

“Why will you be late?”

“I’m going to wait for you, duh. And if you don’t lift your butt off that desk, I’ll pull you if necessary and I’ll even forget I was guilty for having you end up in detention,” I could sense her guilt but her authoritative tone would always be present. With that, I stood up from my desk and started to walk with her to our next class.

Tsk. Rich girls with their attitude. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she’s a spoiled brat because she definitely isn’t. But still, they tend to have this dictatorial attitude in them. It’s tolerable. Scratch that—it’s absolutely more than that. I can just wake up to hear her rants and be with her all day and—

I make it the most obvious thing, don’t I? Tsk. Of course, I do. My mind is always filled up with the thoughts of this cute, sarcastic but funny—why do I need to repeat it again? Shoud I really say this out loud? That I am in love with Julia Richards? To make things cheesier and more ludicrous, it started since the day I knew I’ll be stuck with her for the rest of my high school years.

Before I knew what was really going on in my head, I heard the bell rang indicating lunch time. Wow. Two classes had passed already? Well, I guess that was how Julia occupied even my brain. Now, I completely knew I just admitted that I love her—rather—I am in love with her. For nearly four years now. Maybe since we were little kids, I realized it when I was in freshman though.

Then again, all I could do was to be with her as a friend. I already accepted I don’t have a chance. My mother was their maid for God’s sake. How could her parents accept me if I courted her? Plus, how would she ever give me a chance? For sure, if she knew my feelings for her, she would laugh directly in front of my face. We were not on the same level. No matter what I do, her family would still be in the elite part and mine would still be, well, lower-middle class.

As I was walking down to Physics classroom to fetch Julia (yes, I’m still her chaperone even during lunch), I saw her walking out of the room with an unfamiliar lad. It was obvious that they were laughing about something and—

“Oh, hi Tan!” Julia greeted. “This is Matt Hudgens. He is a transferee.”

“Hi,” He said in a formal tone. Did this bloke grow up in military school?

I smiled before I was about to answer, “H—”

However, I was cut off by the blondie herself, “Oh, Matt invited me for lunch today. If you want, you could come.”

Why would I go with them? Who did she expect me to be? A third wheel? Woah, calm down, Tristan Boyce; and never lose your composure.

“Uhm, no, thanks. I would just see you again after school. Nice to meet you, Matt.”

“Bye, Tan,” She even smiled at me.

I walked out—scurried rather—to the cafeteria trying not to lose my composure. Why was I suddenly upset? ‘Because it’s the first time Julia accepted to go out with a bloke for lunch.’ I hate this subconscious.

But, yes. This is the first time Julia will go out with a lad for lunch (who isn’t me). I mean, I have seen her reject a few blokes before. The look on their faces is priceless. Well, after that, nobody dare asking her out again. I don’t exactly know why; maybe because they can’t handle being rejected.

Yeah, it isn’t nice to be rejected. This is the reason why I just hide my feelings for her. It is for the best. However, a part of me still wonders if it is for the best, why does it hurt so badly?

~just a dream (part one)~

WEEKS HAD PAST and I suddenly noticed Julia’s frequent hang out with the transferee. I couldn’t even mention the name of the lad. I always felt like if I stated his name, it would be with pure rage and anguish and any other negative word. I guess that was what jealousy does.

“I’ve been with Matt yesterday and we tried to watch a movie. He was with me but it was oddly boring. He doesn’t like The Amazing Spiderman 2! Seriously, any lad would like superheroes. He’s been our favourite ever since!” Julia ranted whilst we were in the car. I was accompanying her to the mall. Tsk. Girls and their shopping.

“So, he isn’t a fan of our favourite superhero. What a shame!” I said proudly. Score! Julia and I had something in common which he didn’t share.

“I guess we just have to watch it again today in the cinema. You need to watch it, Tan!”

“You want to repeat it again? I thought you and that transferee had a great night,” I stopped the car in the parking lot and we both came down to the mall entrance.

As I thought she dropped the subject whilst we were entering the mall, I heard her say, “I would enjoy the movie whilst watching with you. But he was sweet all throughout the night, except the Peter Parker part.”

I seriously thought she would want to spend time with me; turned out, she just wanted to watch the movie with someone who shared her liking for the superhero.

Oh, Tristan Gregory Boyce, what were you thinking? How could a girl like Julia Richards have a crush with someone like you?

I sighed as I sat down the bench on the side of the store whilst Julia was in the fitting room. My mind was clouded with different thoughts. Maybe, she really had a crush on Matt. After all, he was in the same level as her. They were both rich just like every other student in our school. Unlike me, I just had a scholarship from Julia’s parents since I became her personal bodyguard.

“Does this look good on me?” A familiar voice started to fill my mind. I looked up and saw Julia. Yeah, right. She was the reason why I was here.

And holy guacamole, she’s stunning. Red really suits her. Wait, why is she even buying a gown?

“Duh, Tan?! Remember Valentine’s Ball? This is our last Valentine’s Day celebration in school. You even forgot about it?” She stared at me in disbelief. Did I just ask it out loud?

“Why would I remember it? We don’t even attend those kinds of program. Don’t tell me you’re going this year?” I queried.

“Why not?” She shrugged. “Oh, I’ll just pay for this. Whether you like it or not, we’re going to the Valentine’s Ball.”

I watched her make haste to the cashier and all I could was wonder about her sudden excitement to go to the ball. It hurt to know that for sure, it was because of that second semester transferee Matt Hudgens. Wait! Should I ask her out before he can? That would prevent him to steal her from me, for sure.

No, undoubtedly not the best choice.

~just a dream (part one)~

IT WAS THREE days before Valentine’s Ball and Julia and I were on our usual table at the cafeteria. Ever since she declared that we would go to the ball, my inquisitiveness was killing me. I really would like to know if somebody already asked her to the dance. I needed to stop my curiosity to—

“Hey! Did somebody ask you out to the dance already?” Urghh! Tristan, what is happening with you? You’re so—

“No! No one has asked me yet. How about you? Have you asked someone out?” Thank God, she’s comfortable with my question, but wait! What should I answer to that?

As much as I would like to ask her to the dance, I knew she would just decline it. I needed to prepare myself already. She and that transferee bloke had been hanging out for a while. For sure, they could end as a couple after that night.

I braced myself, “No. I would just be there. I’ll just be your chaperone by the way. Your parents would get upset if I invited someone and let something not good happen to you.”

“Oh. Okay,” She shrugged and just as she answered, a bunch of students singing entered the cafeteria like a flash mob.

They were singing ‘Can I Have This Dance?’ by that musical Julia and I used to laugh at when we were in early middle school. What was this for?

Suddenly, the small crowd cleared the way, and someone walked towards the seat across me. In other words, he was walking towards Julia.

He = transferee bloke.

“Julia Richards, in front of the whole student body present here in the cafeteria. Would you go to the Valentine’s Ball with me?” He asked just as the students cheered ‘Matt and Julia’ and ‘Julia, say yes’ and ‘Malia’. Now what did the last word mean?

‘It was a ship name, you dumb.

Great! Now my subconscious was way better than me! I didn’t even know that. But at least I knew what Julia truly likes. He didn’t even know she never liked that song. He didn’t even know she never wanted to gain the attention of the whole student body. He didn’t know her likes and dislikes. But I shouldn’t interfere because Julia and I were never a couple, either.

I tried my best to gain my composure. A part of me said I should’ve asked her. But a part of me also feared if she said no, we might not be as closer as before. So all I did was stared at her just like every other student did and waited for her answer.

She looked at me first for a couple of seconds. What was that about? Was she pleading me to help her get out of it? Or was she asking for my permission if she could go out with transferee bloke? Most likely, it was the latter. So I shrugged.

I shrugged like it never affected me at all. I shrugged like it was okay for me to see her with that lad. I shrugged like I didn’t like her for myself. I shrugged like I was never in love with her.

She sighed before answering. “Yes,” she mumbled. Nevertheless, everyone heard and cheered again for the two of them.

Transferee bloke hugged her and I tried to block myself with my own thoughts against everyone around me.

‘You could’ve asked her. She might say yes.’

This subconscious is really absurd. How can she say yes? She is clearly head over heels for that lad.

‘Have you seen her look? She was pleading for you to help her get out of the situation.’

Why am I battling with this little voice? Her look obviously asks me for permission. I am clearly upset but I know I can’t be upset.

‘The ship has sailed because you didn’t even try.’

~just a dream (part one)~

AFTER THAT SCENE in the cafeteria, I noticed Julia was giving me a cold shoulder. Until the dance she never talked to me and when I tried to approach her and ask her what was wrong, she just seemed to have a way of escaping. It was either, she was talking on phone and emphasizing she was talking to transferee bloke, or she was with some of her book club colleagues, or she would just walk away to avoid me.

What is happening to us? Uh-oh! Maybe she already knows I have feelings for her! What the freak! I am totally doomed. It is definitely the reason.

When she knew I am in love with her, she thought that I was about to approach her because I was about to confess my feelings. Maybe she could never stand the fact that I had feelings for her, so she started to ignore me and she always emphasized that she clearly wanted transferee bloke instead of me. That was harsh.

See? I never even started to court her yet she already cringed at the fact that I do have feelings for her. I was right. She would just reject me and it would be awkward considering that she knew her driver/personal assistant/bodyguard likes her.

It was Valentine’s Ball and I knew Matt fetched her from her mansion. Dances were not my thing but I needed to be there. It was for business this time (and still my over-protectiveness). If something not good happened to her, the Richards would kill me.

‘I know you’d kill yourself too.’

Damn you, subconscious! My feelings mustn’t be shown anymore. It was too exposed Julia even started to resent me. I came to the dance and I immediately spotted her in that exquisite dress she bought when we were at the mall.

But he was also there. Transferee bloke was kneeling in front of her and for sure, he was already asking her to be his girlfriend. My eyes were slightly watering at the scene I just saw. Urghh! I couldn’t be crying just because of that. I am still a man for God’s sake. Uh-oh. Julia’s eyes were scanning the vestibule. She couldn’t see me like this.

So I did what a lad was supposed to do at dances like this, I grabbed the first girl who was in front of me and I swayed with her. Good thing she was utterly drunk. I pretended to flirt with her so if ever Julia sees me, she wouldn’t creep out again.

Tipsy girl seemed to have bought my antics and she started babbling in an annoying, seductive tone. I glanced to my left side whilst tipsy girl kept on flirting with me. There I saw her, sharing a kiss with transferee bloke. There were probably a couple already.

Of course, they were. I couldn’t help but wince at the thought. I left tipsy girl with whatever she liked to do (she would surely find her tipsy snogging partner in no time) and I ran outside to calm myself.

She already made a choice and it clearly didn’t involve me. Heck! Every issue that counts in order for us to be in a relationship clearly stated we were not meant to be. First and foremost, our social statuses: she was in highest class and here was I, one in lowest of the lowest. Second, her parents: whose sane parent would approve their only daughter and heiress to date the son of their maid? That would be social suicide. And lastly, her feelings: that was the hardest thing to accept. In order to be in a relationship with her, of course, she must have feelings for me too. But how could we be in a relationship if she never reciprocated my love for her?

Oh, Tristan Boyce. You need to admit that being with Julia Richards as more than friends is just a dream you need to forget. You do realize that even the strongest relationships ever built could fall apart in just a single snap. What more if it is a one-way thing?




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