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The Greatest Blessing From Above

Note: This poem is dedicated to all the motherly figures in my life. To my Grandma (Lola Mummy), Aunt Queen, Aunt Princess, Aunt Joanne, and to my cousin, Ichi who became a mum. 🙂

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 10 May 2014.

To the strongest woman I will ever know,

To the lady who will always accept me for who I am.

My love for you, I may have not always showed.

But I need you to know, I love you Mum.

My stubbornness most times maybe unfathomable,

But thanks for still being here by my side.

Your patience for me is incredible.

“You’re the best Mum!” I’ll scream it with pride.

There are times when only your love

Can understand my sadness and tears;

Can soothe my pain and disappointments;

Can help me overcome my fears.

There are times when only your faith

Can help me on my life’s journey and way.

You keep showering me with confidence,

And inspire me day by day.

I know that a poem won’t fill all my mistakes,

But it’s worth a try, that thing I’m sure.

On your special day, let me tell me you this.

Words my mouth has never said before.

When God set the world in place,

When He made the land and sea,

When He hung up the stars in space

One thing I’m proud of is what He gave to me.

He gave me a Mother’s faith and a Mother’s heart.

And a Mother’s steadfast love.

Those were fashioned by all the Angels

I’m sure was sent from God above.



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