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My Superhero

Note: This is dedicated to my cousin, Max, who will turn 7 in three days (30 January). Happy Birthday, dear cousin!

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 27 January 2014.

Amazing as Spiderman when we make each other happy

As swift as The Flash he makes my heart beat with glee.

Unstoppable as Juggernaut when he starts to enjoy playing,

Incredible as Hulk, when he starts watching.

Indestructible as Captain America, the love for his toys;

Extraordinary as Black Widow, when he speaks his voice.

Awesome as the Man of Steel, when he is in the crowd.

People’s Choice like Batman, he is always loved.

Bulls eye like Hawk Eye, he never fails to make everyone laugh;

A+ like the Avengers, to rate him is not enough.

Accelerated as Wolverine, his ability in studies,

Mighty as Thor, his love for the Family.

So who is he if you would ask? He is my Tony Stark.

The one and only Iron Man here inside my heart.

You’re much cooler than these superheroes, I assure everybody.

‘Cause you’ve got all their powers my cousin, you’ll always be a brother to me.



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