Non-Fiction · Poetry

The Greatest Adventure

Note: This is dedicated to my geometry teacher who shall say her wedding vows in less than a week. Yayyy! Congratulations, Ma’am!

2nd Note: This entry was originally posted on 5 December 2013.

This poem I made just right now,

Hope this will be a good start.

Simple and created instantly

But it comes deep from my heart.

I may just be your ordinary student

In geometry last year.

I want to tell you I’m so happy

And for you I want to cheer.

Of all the teachers here in school

You are my favourite.

You guided me in practicing Math

But that is just not it.

I know you laugh almost all the time

And you also share some stories with me.

I’m flattered you let me know “that” first,

My heart beats with glee.

So what is “that” if you would ask?

I think you already know it

It’s just the best day of your life

Happening in less than a week.

In all your adventures in life,

From being a student to being a teacher

It’s not the most exciting yet,

‘cause you’ll face it with another.

Your choices are always the best

It doesn’t matter how you choose to toss the dice.

Not the wedding but your marriage

Is the greatest adventure of your life.



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