Fiction · Poetry

The 5W’s of My Other Half

Note: This entry was originally on 23 November 2012.

You are WHO I love,

The literary hero in the books I only see.

The boy who I thought wasn’t real;

But is sitting here right next to me.

You are WHAT I love,

The inside jokes and the sense of humour.

The best friend and the partner,

The knight in shining armour.

You are WHEN I love,

Because I make a history with you.

Somehow I know we’ll look back to this time,

And realize our love is really true.

You are WHERE I love,

Because I will go anywhere in the map.

I’ll search the land, skies, and seas;

In order to be beside my other half.

You are WHY I love,

You have made me perceived,

Why I am here right next to you,

Because this is the love I can give.

This simple poem that I have made,

I hope it also takes your breath away,

Like how I do when I’m next to you,

I’ll promise that I’ll always stay.



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