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Note: This post was originally posted on 26 October 2012.

IN TODAY’S SOCIETY, with a lot of occurrences in almost every corner of the archipelago, people tend to just take everything for granted. The same pattern goes on and on with the events, anyway. People will be killed due to hold-upping, rape, etc. and it will end up in the news every single day, with just a different setting and scenario. Another government official will be arrested for corruption but after some time, he can be re-elected anyhow.

Time heals all wounds, they say; but this is what you should know. This is the part where Filipinos have gone wrong. They tend to forget anything that has been happening because of the bunch of issues piling up in our society.

With the advancement of social–media, we must have been able to be a lot more vocal. We have the best means of speaking out whatever we want to express. We have the choice yet we never make the most out of the 21st century perks.

Per se, in our country, graft and corruption has never come to a halt. Hence, when we’ve come across the modern era, the Philippines has been the most corrupt country in Asia. Corruption has been so deep-rooted over the decades that it has become a political culture. Yet what have we done?

We have a choice of who we can vote for in the upcoming elections. But as time goes by, the bad guys get re-elected forever to the legislature, the governorship, and the presidency. Apparently, in the Philippines bad presidents also get thrown out of office, but they manage to make retaliation, e.g. run for Congress or for president, or make their family members take their previous position in the administration.

We have a choice of speaking up against those compelling, greedy officials. Unfortunately, some police officials have been allegedly accused of the same matter.

Corruption will only cease when enough people speak out, when enough people know and when those corrupt are in the minority and no longer have the power to corrupt. However, it is impossible in the moment to happen in the Philippines. Maybe in the next decades, when positively speaking. But the previous sentence is a sick joke. In the first-place those people who stood up for what is right will most likely end up assassinated—or if lucky, fired and sent off into hiding.

But the sicker joke is that those who are exposed in the media because of corruption, or worse, for plunder never get touched and can manipulate the authorities and whistle-blowers.

We cannot blame each other if many people choose to just go on with the present phenomena and remain quiet about the issue. There is a bunch of more important stuff to do than taking part in a subject that never goes into progress. Nothing happens, anyway. The scenarios are the same. There seems to be no end game for this matter.

The tragic notion comes into everyone’s intellect: this kind of reputation is a dent in our country’s image and even ourselves; and will take a lot of work to be obliterated in anyone’s minds. Technically, it needs no work for it is smudged in our saga with an indelible ink pen. Our country is too historic to be a laughing stock in the modern era.


(update: this article can also be read in the June-Novermber 2014 issue of ‘The Stream’, the official English newspaper of Baco National High School)


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