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Writer’s Block

Note: Kudos to the irony of the situation. I wrote this whilst on a writer’s block. 🙂

Sitting in front of my laptop all night,
What has gotten into me?
The words just don’t come right
Whether in prose or poetry.

Tried to use my pencil and paper;
Another sip from my coffee cup.
With a heavy sigh, I used my eraser
To obliterate the words which aren’t enough.

Frustration , desperation, defeat and anger.
How can this end if it doesn’t even begin?
Should I keep up or should I surrender?
Fighting the tears that are kicking in.

An insomniac who wastes hours of thinking;
Lost in a world of a story with no direction.
This useless, anecdotal inkling
Is what I fear from the inception.

Battle with myself that I haven’t outgrew,
I couldn’t help it, I need to delete.
This is an experience I just need to go through,
An impending succession on repeat.


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