Non-Fiction · Poetry

Tragic Truths

A reggae singer once said this,

And I couldn’t agree more,

“Everyone’s gonna hurt you,

You just gotta find the one’s worth suffering for.”


Each of us will die sooner or later;

Others have lived, but some just existed.

It’s sad to say that the latter part

Is where most will be listed.


The ones who say hello

Will eventually say goodbye;

Sometimes without a warning,

Or telling the reason why.


Just when we thought

That things go our way,

Something will come along

And ruin the whole display.


Just when we’re at the top,

Bashers will come in line.

‘Cause people throw rocks

At things that shine.


Some will take us for granted

And treat us like not existing.

Funny when we die,

How people start listening.


In all good things we do,

There will always be wrong.

Life isn’t meant to be perfect;

We just have to get along.


Whatever mistakes we may commit,

Or heartaches we may feel,

We need struggle and continue

Because success is surreal.


Loving can hurt and break us,

Destroy us and such;

But if it wasn’t that hard,

It wouldn’t mean as much.


The hardest circumstance

Is not when we’re crying;

It’s when we hide the tears

In our eyes by smiling.


The tragic truths in our lives

Are things we may fear;

But maybe it’s just like pain,

Something we have to bear.


After all, what is life

Without its up’s and down’s?

A museum without exhibits,

A carnival without clowns.




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